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Apprentice Exchange 2016
Start date: Jul 10, 2016, End date: Jul 9, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The companies Airbus Defence and Space, MTU Aero Engines and BAE Systems have been partners in the aviation industry for decades. The position of the aviation companies involved in the European aerospace technology market is always under consideration. Given this situation, it is important for the companies to have employees that deal with and have experience in the field of transnational mobility. For that reason, we take this project as a great opportunity for trainees to prepare for this situation, even at this early stage of their careers.Participants:6 Airbus DS trainees (2 aircraft equipment technicians, 2 electronics engineers, 2 commercial clerks)6 MTU trainees (3 industrial mechanics, 3 aircraft engine mechanics)12 BAE Systems trainees (8 aircraft equipment technicians, 2 electronics engineers, 2 commercial clerks)The project will be managed by Christoph Eckl (Airbus DS), Hans Triebenbacher (MTU), John Connor and Stephen Fairless (BAE Systems).Project implementation:January: consulting with the partners to continue the project; the determination of the exchange periods; the number of participants and professions; and application for funding.February/March: selection of participantsMarch/April: preliminary meeting in England; deciding on the participants and departments they will work in; visiting these departments at the company sites; creating an agenda for the exchange and activities; discussing the results of the evaluation from the previous year; and organising and planning travel, booking accommodation and the return visit of the English partners in April.July: start of the exchange in Germany, introductory event, site tours, group activities and closing event at the end of the three-week exchangeAugust/September: start of the exchange in England, introductory event, site tours, group activities and closing event at the end of the three-week exchangeOctober: Final report on the application for funding, follow-up workshop with the German group, completion of the preliminary statement of costs, PR workNovember/December: Accounting formalitiesActivities during the exchanges:Company tours (Airbus DS, MTU, BAE), city tours (Munich, Ingolstadt, Manchester), museum visit, barbecue, outdoor event (treetop rope course), visit ofAudi AG production plant, visit of sport events.The activities will be organized by the project managers and the exchange group. The exact details will be clarified in the preliminary meetings.Goals of the project:Alongside the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge in the respective professions, the personal development of the individual trainees within the group has an important role. This includes, among other things:Improving foreign language, planning and technical skills Learning about work processes in other countries, English culture and overcoming fears/prejudicesIncreasing the willingness to travel and flexibilityLiving in an unfamiliar environmentAiding the development of personal responsibility, initiative, independence and problem-solving skillsWorking in international teams in a foreign language environment and having contact with English colleagues.Effects/benefits:Assistance in developing these competencies is very important for both the young people as well as for the participating establishments. Becoming familiar with different work processes in the participating companies and comparing these processes is intended to support the development of innovative ideas. The particularly interesting aspect of the cooperation between Airbus DS, BAE Systems and MTU Aero Engines is the connection between industry content and various professional groups. This should result in an added appreciation for the colleagues in other professions. In order to be well-equipped to deal with the challenge of the increasingly globalised aviation sector, comprehensive foreign language skills and experiences in dealing with the culture of other countries are very important. As a member of the Airbus Group, the participants from Airbus Defence and Space have the opportunity to explore different areas of the Group and work in other European countries. The publications on the Airbus DS and MTU Aero Engines intranets/websites, the local press and publicity through various social media platforms gives us the opportunity to make training even more attractive and to generate more interest for our company in the job market.

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