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Start date: Jun 1, 2014, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project is following our previous experiences. For more than 20 years we have been carrying out mobility in Car vehicle sector supported by ANFA (Association Nationale de la Formation Automobile). Thanks to this experience, the coordinator has been also supported by Conseil Régional de Haute Normandie and has gone on developing mobility projects for pprentices. The success of these actions has allowed us to develop mobility for pupils in the Vocational school La Châtaigneraie. The development of mobility has also allowed to increase the number of partners all over Europe thanks to partnership networks or Transfer of Inovation projects. It is necessary to increase the number of partners because we have many sectors in our network and because it could be more and more difficult to find workplacements. Increasing the number of partners is also very positive and rich. Nevertheless it is important that partners are known, and that our relationship is strong, and trust is the most important. Our aim is to develop mobilities but to also to keep quality. For many years we ahve been working in mobility for apprentices and pupils in vocational schools. The partners are the same for both activity. Thanks to ERASMUS +, we can work together in a same project and we can mutualise our action. We have noticed that most of our action is similar. Preparations, or following the students abroad could be managed together. Some points are different, like some administration points or the duration. We are applying for 58 apprentices and 50 pupils, the number is different because we have more partners in apprenticship sector and they have more experience. In this new application, we don’t want to get too many grants because one project for apprentices is still running until 2015. The participants are all in the same branches : carvehicle, services, food, industry. They are all preparing a Bac Professionnel or Brevet Professionnel, some a CAP. The different diplomas could be explained only because of sectors. Some diplomas don’t exist in some branches. We don’t the same number of girls and boys depending of sectors. It only depends of the job ! They are between 16 and 25 years old. The mobility period is either 3 (for apprentices because of their work contract) or 4 weeks for puplis in vocational schools ( duration of their compulsory training period). We are also applying for tutors and teachers (6 people) for a mobility which could look like the student one but shorter. We would like to mix tutors and vocational or technical teachers. We would like them to discover and discuss about training methods with their partners abroad. A project is running at the moment and some tutors and teachers will go to Finland and Germany, that’s why we have chosen Spain in this project to go on with this experience in a country which is an important partner. The next group of participants is including teachers (12 people) who will go with students abroad to help them during their first week abroad d which is very important for us. The project has many steps according to a calendar : information, recruitment, prepartion of participants and organisation, mobility, feedback and Europass certificate delivery in l’Hôtel de Région Haute Normandie. Every school follows this model. Along the year, meetings between the coordinator and referent person in the schools are organised to work on the project and find solutions if necessary. An annual meeting is held between the coordinator, the directors of schools and the person in charge of the project in each school to take important decisions. Results and impacts This project has been existing for several years and we can notice that companies are les and less obstacles for our young people and let them go abroad easily. Some young students who went abroad a few years ago encourage their apprentices to go abroad. The number of French shools which would like to join the network is increasing which show the impact of our network. We wish, that thanks to this new program ERASMUS +, to have a wider impact to vocational schools in our Region. We would like to mutualise the energies to develop further exchanges and increase a fruitful collaboration. If tutors, teachers, apprentices, students, companies could work together, it would be more fruitful too. Working together on pedagogical methods could be good to improve them. Opening could be the key word for benefits. For young people, it is obvious that these experiences are an added value to their personal development. We can’t see the benefit on a short time period even if we can notice that they feel better at ease in language courses when they come back. To open to the world is obvious, to understand the world around them is necessary. For tutors, teachers in the schools or in the network, for apprentices, students or companies, working together could of course develop their mind to other worlds, environments, working or training methods.
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