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Applied domotics in energy production and intelligent buildings, advanced skills for trainers and trainees"
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Domotics and energy production for home consumption as sector of economic activity. The market of domotics is very important, because it concerns all the owners ,tenants of property, who are able to invest even small funds, in order to improve its comfort and safety. In the production, Domotics opens new prospects to the manufacturers of electronic units and to the manufacturers of all facilities and equipments which can be connected with Domotics systems. Using domotics is possible to be provided very high potential in incredible number and extent. According to reliable studies, more than 8 out of 10 Europeans (81%) are interested in the technology of smart houses, through which they can be automated and have access from distance (remote access) energy management and surveillance of their house. The interconnected home is a smart house, in which we use storage batteries, solar panels or even small wind turbines for self-production and subsistence of energy. The electrical equipment companies, installers of solar systems, software systems and electronic hardware companies, electricians and installers of automation systems, will get a piece of the pie of the market of smart houses. The production of electricity with alternative methods, for domestic consumers, for home consumption and reinforcing the network of the Public Power Corporation, is important and it is a long-term goal of the European Union to solve the problem of energy production by combustion. As a result the authorities suggest solutions such as self-production, subsistence and energy trading from the ordinary numerous domestic consumers. In Greece a relevant law has been voted, net metering in photovoltaic. Τhe electrical energy from photovoltaic and from small wind power stations, will increase fast the commercial interest of the consumers for this investment sector. Those who will benefit from this, are students mainly from the Evosmos – Kordelio area but also the municipalities of the western Thessaloniki, which have suffered in the recent years the consequences of the economic depression, because of the rise of unemployment in Western Thessaloniki. There are numerous business that are involved in all these above because it is near the industrial area and therefore our students have the possibility of immediate training, aiming at their full-time employment in them. The teachers that benefit from this are 10 from various sectors as (electricians – Electronics – and computer scientists). Goals for the training students: 1. Their specialization in one important technical field. 2. The experience of learning – training in a sophisticated European Environment. 3. The transfer of knowledge and practice in modern Greek labour market environment. 4. The acquisition of qualifications for the pursuing jobs. 5. Contact with entrepreneurship and their ability to follow the professional and social progress. 6. The mobility experience which can be adopted for finding a job in the European Union, 7. Their contact with other cultures and the need of learning other languages as means of professional evolution. Goals for teachers: 1. The improvement of technological knowledge of the participants. 2. Familiarity with systems that certify the qualities applied in Spain. 3. The training using the English terminology 4. The development of professional skills in teaching technical specialized topics using lessons plans with visual material and laboratory support in which they will be trained. They can be used by the teachers in classroom. Description of activities for the students: There had been seminars comprehended theoretical knowledge and laboratories exercised practical application, in any technical subject taught. We visited companies, producing domotic systems, smart buildings that had automatic systems as well as technical companies that install such systems. We visited the service for green buildings in the prefecture of Catalonia, a technical school in Barcelona, in order to get acquainted with the educational system in Spain, as well as the manpower employment agency. Description of activities for the teachers: There had been seminars on training courses in all technical issues relating to the project which had included theory and practice. Also, visits in companies and premises of such systems.
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