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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project, unanimously approved by the Teaching Staff and the School Board, is contextualized in the High School SABINA MORA, in the village of Roldán (Torre Pacheco, Region of Murcia). This school offers Compulsory Secondary Education, Bachelorship and Basic Vocational Training. It counts with 61 teachers and an overall number of 628 students. In that way, the school also offers a Bilingual Program in the modality of Spanish-English with a 2-course trajectory in which the project in demand will be immersed. This program is running perfectly and it has had a very good impact from the beginning, on the part of the students as well as on their families. The number of students attached to the bilingual program at the school is predicted to increase quickly since the schools assigned to ours, already impart this program in Primary Education. On the one hand, within this project there are 5 didactic departments involved: English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Technology and Economy. Every academic course of Compulsory Secondary Education counts with two NLS (non linguistic subjects) in English, having Bachelorship one NLS.On the other hand, our school participates in several educational programs and projects such as the Etwinning Project-in which we work with a school from Paris-, the Erasmus+ KA2 -working with educational centers of Croatia, Finland, Germany and Estonia- and The EJE Project. All these programs are included in the School Annual Plan and in the Headman Project for the period of 2015-2019, where we can find the necessity of promoting and deeping in the internationalization of the school, as a valuable tool of experience’s interchange with other European countries that enrich the teaching process in our school and improves the quality of not only the Bilingual Program but also the different subjects. Our school also participates in other educational projects such as 3D Modelling Projects (of our school as well as the Isaac Peral’s submarine) and the Health Project in educational centers.The objectives of this project are therefore related with that aim of involving our school and our students in the idea of an European Teaching so that in the future they can have a wide range of possibilities at the time of entering in the working world. In this sense, the main aim of the project is the training of teachers that impart lessons in the Bilingual Program so that they can develop and improve their communicative skills in the English Language and their didactic methodology and that, in the same way, they can make it extensive to the rest of teachers of the program and to the whole group of teachers of the school. This would be the starting point, as the last aim of the project would be the implementation of this one in all the educational scopes of the school.Regarding the number and profile of the participating teachers, the project will be designed for 5 teachers that impart lessons in the different didactic departments attached to the Bilingual Section.Regarding the methodology used in order to carry out this project, several specialized travel agencies will be contacted for the organization of transport/accommodation. We will also count with the counseling of the entities in the destination countries, under the supervision of the activity coordinator. A tracing of all the events happened there will be carried out through posts in the school’s twitter account and in the e-mail address.With respect to the results and the impact of this educational projects predicted in a short term period, our school will benefit from several aspects. Firstly, an internationalization of the teaching process would be promoted since the teachers would accomplish training courses in different countries of the European Union, observing and learning in that way different ways of approaching teaching, not only of the foreign language but also of the non linguistic areas (NLA) in English. Afterwards, more in a long term period, all the teachers of the Bilingual Program in our educational centre would carry out a sharing of all the acquired knowledge in order to make them extensive to the rest of didactic departments involved in the program. Different ways of dissemination will be used: weekly meetings of the Bilingual Program, meetings of the didactic departments, blogs, twitter, whatsapp messages and articles in the school web page, among others. Secondly, once all the knowledge and new acquired approaches have been shared, all the students, especially those of the Bilingual Program, will benefit from them when the teachers adapt them to our educational reality and when they put them into practice in their lessons. In the same way, our school will acquire a new dimension of innovative educational centre with views of future opportunities for our students, who will observe in their lessons different ways of confronting and reflecting reality, with a more open-minded and European attitude.

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