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Ápolók Németoszágban IV.
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

After long prepaprations a program titled „Nurses in Germany IV.” have been created. The Health and Social Vocational Institute of our school called Szent László Vocational School from Tolna county is cooperating througout the foundation called Dr. Kelemen Endre with the company group SPPS from Karlsruhe. Our foundation aims to support the education and training of our students and to support underprivileged students. The target system of the foundation is a perfect match to the education programme of our school. The foundation and our school is evolving with this project as well. Our vocational school deals with health and social professional training for a long time where preparatory professional groups, preparatory for high school graduation and other post-graduation professional trainings take place. Our partner is a german nursing company group which was founded and lead by Susanne Pletowski. The company has 5 sites and 220 employees. It runs a domestic nursing service and provides other nursing possibilities after dismissing from hospital but also has helath and social vocational education. The foundation of our school supports the education, help the underprivileged students and improve their key competences. These aims fit perfectly in our target system. During the project we would like to prepare and send 7 nurse students who are in the 14th grade now and 5 ambulance nurse who is in the 13th grade now for a 6 week long field trip to Germany with 2 associates. 2 of the participants are underprivileged students. The nurse students intend to acquire experiences at a clinic, a rest home and a domestic nursing service. Two persons are going to accompany the students: one of them is the the form master who is also vocational teacher and the other person is the project coordinator who is also vocational teacher and interpreter. Both of them are cooks and parents. We expect the project to realise an extended target system. We aim to fit in the education of our students such kind of a traineeship that is various, available in a foreign country which is not or hardly reachable in Hungary. It is important that the requirements of the traineeship can meet with the central education system. We would like to provide our students a lifetime experience while participating in a professional trip in a foreign country. We also want to show the students that in this soulless and materialistic world they can find real human values, reliable partners and undertakings that goes well and do public helath at a high lewel which are examples to follow in Hungary as well. We would like our students to acquire professional experineces in a country with high health culture like in Germany after a serious and broad range of preparatory program. We want them to improve their professional knowledge to be able to work alone and fit in to the labour market in Hungary and in the EU as well. We intend to integrate the modern german methods, procedures and tools into the system of Hungarian nursing and professional training to increase the quality of nursing. We expect our students to improve their language, communication and social skills, citizen and adventuresome competences. Our middle and long term goals are maintaining the survival of our school with using the attractive foreign education facilities to popularize the school and preserve or increase the number of students. We would like the dynamic and innovative aspect to be general and help our teachers to improve their methodological and professional culture. We intend to popularize our facility in the international and professional world, to build new relationships and to lift our professional trainings at a higher level. We would like to continue this successful process. The products are the satisfaction of our students and the develeopment of their competences. There is a cooperative project group in our school and the fight for the project has made the human relationships stronger and brought the professional and common knowledge community together but also improved the foreign language education. The possibility of going foreign countires to participate in treineeships is becoming well known and the number of our students is gorwing in the professional training. We managed to get reliable partners whats more friends who support our school financially as well. During the application we have a finished work schedule from the July of 2015 untill the June of 2016 which was created together with the German project group. The work schedule includes a linguistical, cultural, professional and psychological plan from now till the middle of March in 2016 and the work schedule, valuation, supervision and quality assurance system of the 6 weeks long training in Karlsruhe.

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