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.....αποκτώντας μέσα από το Νηπιαγωγείο το αίσθημα του "ανήκειν"
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The perpetual evolution of the world affects the education. Needs for new methods, innovative, educational tools and programs as well as appropriate scientific approach of the students with or without special needs are emerging. Coeducation “demands’” united action and aims for the creation of a teaching environment for each and every students regardless of their educational , social and cultural differences. In the EU the quality and the sufficiency of the educational process has been improved by the implementation of new dynamics and ideas. The learning mobility project is a targeted action and o chance for development of the professional skills and knowledge as an individual. We attempt to broaden our schools horizon. Since our school (8th Kindergarten o f Katerini) is located in an underdeveloped area and our premises are limited we have a strong urge to develope the feeling of “belonging” not only for our kids but also our selves. Our school has 2 classes of 30 students between the ages of 4 to 7 , one of those classes includes an integration course including cases of autism and ADHD. The suggested plan consists of job shadowing,methods of special education in the region of Hanover,Germany. The program will help both parties to learn and exchange ideas,networking,exploring opportunities ,immediate cooperation and feedback. The partner organizations are GiB, Lebenshilfe and Stephαnssitift , all have facilities in the wider are of the city of Hanover. These nonprofit organizations of social security and care for people with disabilities (autism,mental retardation,modility disabilities, speech problems etc)across wide age range,from early intervention to adulthood. In this action will participate one teacher of typical course as of the integration,although this program is mainly about the special education. What urges as to this decision was the fact that our school is based on co-teaching and coeducation which enforces the teachers to collaborate as to link both curriculum(FEK B 449/2007).We will visit the facilities of GiB, Lebenshilfe and Stephansstift , 4 times, relating to education and coeducation of children with special needs. During our program we will come in touch with their work. Additionally,we will approach with children,rendering the experience remarkable,having the opportunity to get to know different cultures,mindsets and possibly lifestyle,intervention ways and team management. By direct experiential observation we will acquire information about the whole educational process,also observe the surroundings,the training materials,the learning objects. We will be updated with the curriculum and the individualized intervention as well as the problems face themselves. That will become a source of knowledge,new ideas,strategies of intervention and we will experience the feeling of belonging by sharing same goals. We plan to continue our cooperation through social platforms(email,skype,blog) and even program Erasmus+KA2 . An eTwinning profile of our school is available. We are willing to take part to programs for instance relating to music therapy ,expand our contacts with other schools in order to reduce the feeling of isolation,introversion and burnout. Our experiences and skills will multiply. Attempts to implement the acquired knowledge not only to our staff but also to the parents that will improve the cooperation and trust between us. We aspire to inform relevant colleges in the city and later in the district. The blog of our school will be constantly updated with our progress in order to be widespread and useful.
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