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Απόκτηση επαγγελματικών δεξιοτήτων σε νέους βιομηχανικούς τομείς
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Sep 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Acquiring skills in new industrial sectors" was planned to offer further specialization to students in specific sections of industry, so as the participating students to be prepared and, consequently, to be ready for employment in these sections of industry. The first mobility was conducted from the 30th of November to the 13th of December at the WBS Training Center in Dresden, Germany, in the field of "Hotel and Gastronomy Services". The participants acquired the following main knowledge and skills through practical training and visits: skill shortage in Germany in the professional field of hotel and gastronomy, hygiene standards in the food industry, professional skills including table service, production and service of wine and sparkling wine in the Saxon wine region, certification of food and beverages in Germany. Additionally, they were practiced in traditional German cuisine and German Christmas traditions (Christmas market and Gingerbread). The second mobility was conducted from the 19th of April to the 2nd of May, at the Department of Wood and Furniture Design and Technology (WFDT), in the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Thessaly, Greece, in the field of "New technologies, entrepreneurship and design programs in the furniture and wooden constructions industry". The training course included theoretical and laboratory training by the educational staff of the Department (WFDT) on the following subjects: CAD-CAM for the furniture industry, furniture design programs, wood structure and properties, wood drying and wooden houses construction, entrepreneurship and innovation in the furniture industry, business management - effective marketing strategies in the furniture industry. It also included guided visits in furniture manufacturing plants, woodcarving and wood product plants in the region of Thessaly. The third mobility was conducted from the 2nd of March to the 16th March 2016, at the WBS Training Center in Dresden, Germany, in the field of "Automation/PLC programming", for 60 training hours. The participants acquired the following competences through practical training: setting up the PLC Logo, apply "Logo Soft Comfort", use the Siemens LOGO module and "Logo Soft Comfort", and develop project and presentational skills. In total, thirty students from the Technical School of Larnaca participated in three training programmes as follows: ten students in the programme "Hotel and Gastronomy Services", ten students in the programme "New technologies, entrepreneurship and design programs in the furniture and wooden constructions industry" and ten students in the programme "Automation with Siemens PLC". The participating students were at their second or third year of studies at the Technical School, in the fields of (a) Hotel, Tourism and Catering, (b)Furniture wood work and wood-Technology, and (c) , respectively. All participating students had the basic background in the corresponding subjects. With these programmes, they had the opportunity to enrich their knowledges and acquire new professional skills in their fields, which will be useful in their future life. In all cases, the groups of students were accompanied and supervised by teachers of Technical School of Larnaca, in cooperation with the host organisations' staff. Besides the work programme, the students had the chance to learn about the culture of these regions. During the training, the student showed interest and enthusiasm. The escort teachers and trainers were with their performance. On the basis of their practically oriented training, the participants were able to use the acquired knowledge and worked in groups on different subjects. With this way, the participants became acquainted with team-work. This was also observed by the trainers. The staff of the hosting organization in Germany and the trainers noticed that the students' English level was improved during their staying. Note that most of the students did not have the chance to go abroad beforehand, and moveover, it was their first experience with a training abroad. This impact the students posivitely and it was expressed in feedback questionnaries and in discussions with the rest of the teachers and students in the school, as well as with their parents and friends. Finally, through this experience, the participants gained suggestions for their own educational and working future. They got to know the advantages and opportunities of international exchanges within the member-countries of the European Community and they experienced an improvement of their technical, linguistic, intercultural and social capabilities. Additionally, the programme inspired more students and teachers to apply for and participate in other programmes, at the frame of Erasmus plus.

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