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Απόκτηση δεξιοτήτων στην επισκευή και συντήρηση Υβριδικών Αυτοκινήτων
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Hybrid vehicles, in a form very close to their current first appeared in 2007 and now hold a very significant share of total vehicle sales. As a "hybrid" we consider a vehicle that uses more than one (usually two) sources of energy for its movement, which can be interconnected in parallel or serially, and contribute to the movement of the vehicle in any proportion. The development of hybrid technology enables a choice of several models with different specifications and of course cost. More and more people are choosing to leave their conventional car and opt for a new hybrid car to have a more environmentally friendly car and be “friendlier” to their pocket. There is a bright future for hybrid cars. The sales are expected to increase significantly (as a percentage of total sales). It is not only that all the major automakers are throwing on the market more and more hybrid models, but that consumers prefer them not only because of the economy, but also because of conscience. The "environmental" criterion will seal the future of consumption. Ultimately, all this presents us not only with a new reality in transport, but also with a new framework for action around the operation and maintenance of these new, constantly proliferating types of transport. As in the recent past with the release of LPG, the diesel power, and more recently with natural gas, the key point is to inform the car users and professionals that make up the chain of use. The project entitled "Acquisition of skills in the repair and maintenance of Hybrid Cars" is presented by the Consortium with the participation of the 1 EPAL LAVRIOU / coordinator partner of the 1 EK ANATOLIKIS ATTIKIS & the 1 ESPERINO EPAL ACHARNON / Partners. Participation of 64 students attending courses in the field of vehicles of the Consortium Schools is expected, accompanied by six teachers in three streams, 44 will go to Cyprus in two streams and 20 in Italy in one flow for a period of 15 days. Host organisations are EDEX - Intercollege and the Scuola RadioElettra srl respectively. This program provides knowledge and skills in the field of the vehicle sector. It has an absolutely practical nature since in each module, in addition to basic theory, emphasis will be given on practical repair and maintenance activities of Hybrid Cars. The project is expected to inform and prepare the participant on new developments taking place in the professional sector, relating to hybrid vehicle technology. Preparing workers with specific skills will help meet the identified needs of both themselves and of the labor market, strengthening the potential of companies in which these individuals will be employed, leading to the development of the whole of the undertakings concerned. The Consortium, knowing this, decided to view this project so that students: Learn about the hybrid technology, transmit specialized knowledge applicable to Hybrid Technology vehicles, acquire skills for fast, efficient and accurate fault diagnosis in all hybrid systems of the car, be familiar with the applications maintenance, diagnosis and repair of hybrid vehicles, to specialize in the hybrid transmission, acquire the ability of the nomogram illustrating the hybrid vehicle, get to know the systems of the hybrid vehicle and the way they work, Become familiar with the audit methodology, diagnostics and fault detection through self-diagnosis system. After the end of the project, the expected impact on participants will be to gain knowledge and skills for the training object, strengthening their self-esteem, active participation in society and the development of critical thinking, their personal development and strengthening European citizenship. The project has an impact on the partners if the participating organizations carry information about the needs of local labor markets and the opportunity of networking and further exchange of experience in similar organisations. Finally, the impact on target groups is identified in creating incentives in the wider local community for participation in lifelong learning activities and exploiting opportunities to participate in educational activities that enhance with knowledge and skills the participants and ensure professional experiences and personal development.
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