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APL - London 2016
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Tullinge Gymnasium is a school for motivated students with high expectations on their education. International exchanges with countries such as India and Cape Verde have been a recurring feature at the school's “Vård- och omsorgsprogram” (Health and Care program). Over the years, students and teachers at “Vård- och omsorgsprogrammet” have been participating in five international projects. This has been very appreciated by both students and staff, and has led to Tullinge Gymnasium establishing a partner school in Goa, India. In addition to an in-depth understanding of how the human being and its health are thought of in these countries, a development in terms of teaching occurred as a result of these exchanges. The projects have been very successful and Tullinge Gymnasium is now continuing with international projects, but with a European focus. The project's core activity is that students enrolled in the second year of “Vård- och omsorgsprogrammet” get to do three weeks of their workplace-based learning in London, with a health care provider within the social care field. In addition to this, other activities such as a field study that forms the basis of a comparative analysis of the English and Swedish social welfare system and the planned visits to famous attractions and institutions in order to deepen the understanding of England in a cultural and historical perspective are to be implemented. The goal of the project is to enhance the knowledge development in order to better reach the exam objectives for the program. The project will do this mainly through helping the students increase their language skills, their insights in an international labor market, as well as increasing their understanding and possibilities to compare different welfare systems. The project will also help the students develop their knowledge of man from a social, cultural and existential perspective. Students will also have opportunities to be able to critically examine and question the accustomed practices that exist on the Swedish workplaces. In order to increase the possibility of achieving the goals of the project, regular reflective discussions between the students and the accompanying teachers are to be held throughout their stay in London. To further create the opportunity for students to reflect on their experiences during the project, a small written report based on the field studies they do during the stay in London will be conducted. Students will also deliver feedback to its Swedish workplaces, in the form of an oral presentation of the similarities and differences they have found between the work in Sweden and England. These activities will spread the experience from the project outside the participants. This will also be enhanced by the fact that staff from the school will share the experience from the project in the regional programs council of educators and employers in the health care sector. In the long term, we hope that the project will lead to an establishment of new contacts in London, which may form the basis for further exchanges, for both English and Swedish learners.
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