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Start date: Jul 6, 2016, End date: Jul 5, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Network, as a professional organization, aims to meet the new conditions imposed by the Wine sector and contribute to developing adaptability of members / winemakers and vine growers and to upgrade their skills. Participates in the planning of this proposal by selecting subjects according to findings and data resulting from the detection of educational needs of members.The Theme "TECHNICAL EXCHANGE WITH WINEMAKERS OF BORDEAUX” of this proposal was decided to improve growing methods and organization of the winemaking business following a successful team of winemakers, perhaps the most famous in the world of the Bordeaux region in France.The transfer of practices and organizational processes of the production process is the main target of the project. Trainees will be able to learn about applications of viticulture, vinification processes, cultivation system, the equipment they use and how they promote their products. The modern economic environment presents a number of challenges in the workplace with regard to the wine sector. Challenges / needs are focused:1. the development of a more skilled workforce,2. The cultivation of specialized skills regarding production organizational techniques.3. The acquisition of a higher literacy and education level, the constantly changing labor market conditions.The specific objectives of the program are the participants to be trained in modern techniques applied abroad, and are particularly distinguished:1. The organization of viniculture with good agricultural practices.2. The planning of agricultural production.3. To transfer practices and ways of developing a group of farmers who considered "masters" in their industry.4. The assessment and comparison between the two methods of cultivation (Greek and French). 5. The adoption of promotions / sales (criminal marketing).6. The adoption of methods for cultivating care of the vineyard.7. Knowledge of the factors affecting the quality of the wine.This action will have a multiplier effect and benefits for the participants, as it would create the framework for networking and future cooperation and for stakeholders who will confirm earlier cooperation in European programs. This brings added value to action because it creates an environment where besides developing skills and acquiring new knowledge for the beneficiaries it promotes a European environment of partnerships.Participants are businessmen and responsible of human personnel in the sector who aim to educate their staff regarding the training subject and come from member companies of the sending organization.The total project duration is 14 days and will take place in France in the Bordeaux region where there is cultivation of vineyards, with the participation of 25 beneficiaries. During the educational process all educational adult education methods will be followed in order to have the best possible learning results. The SCEA PIQUE RUSSE host organization selected has extensive experience and expertise regarding mobility, adult education and has great expertise in this training object. The planned placements to winemaking companies / growers are considered valuable and will contribute significantly to the development of skills of the participants.
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