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Anonymity Enhancement for Information Society (enonymity)
Start date: Jun 1, 2009, End date: Sep 30, 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

While the ever increasing computational power together with the huge amount of individual data collected daily by many agencies is of great value for the society, they also arise an important threat to the privacy of individuals. In this scenario, protecting data privacy and anonymity of individuals have become a mainstream for research. Whereas privacy is a topic discussed everywhere, data anonymity recently established itself as an emerging area of computer science. Its goal is to produce useful computational solutions for releasing data, while providing scientific guarantees that the identities and other confidential information of the owners of the data being protected. This project aims at defining a framework for confidential anonymous data releasing in the Internet. In this framework, statistical agencies collect the sensitive data of individuals and protect such data using a Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) anonymization technique to ensure the anonymity of the data owners. Anonymous data is partially accessible through the web page of the statistical agency, using a Private Information Retrieval (PIR) protocol. The PIR protocol is necessary to preserve the anonymity of the final data users. As only authorized users should have access to the anonymous data, PIR protocols have to be accessible through an anonymous web based social network, to ensure that only certain users can download data from the anonymous database. The main contribution of this project will be the development of this framework specially designed for national statistical agencies. Additionally, this project will carry out other contributions in SDC technologies, PIR protocols, anonymous communications and private social networks, which may be of independent interest.
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