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Annually-resolved archives of marine climate change - development of molluscan sclerochronology for marine environmental monitoring and climatology (ARAMACC)
Start date: Sep 1, 2013, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Proposal for a multi-partner ITN (“ARAMACC”: Annually Resolved Archives of MArine Climate Change) based around the newly emerging field of molluscan sclerochronology/climatology. ARAMACC is a network of eight Full Participants and three Associated Partners. Training will be provided to ten ESRs and one ER.ARAMACC science will consist of four work packages, which will address (1) the construction of a network of shell-based chronologies for the climatically important NE Atlantic region; (2) the use of data from these and other existing chronologies for multicentennial model comparisons and to constrain model predictions on decadal timescales; (3) the environmental drivers of shell growth and growth check formation; and (4) novel applications of the shell material, including the production of baseline environmental data for commercial and regulatory organizations.The aim of ARAMACC training is to develop a cadre of highly-trained scientists with a range of overlapping and cross-disciplinary skills who are fully committed to the use of high-resolution shell-based archives to increase our understanding of the part played by the oceans in the Earth’s complex climate system and who are able to apply their skills to the study of past and future climate change and to the sustainable and fully informed use of the shelf seas for infrastructure projects and other commercial applications.
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