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Animal therapy for strengthening of social environment of Latvian-Lithuanian border communities (CURED BY ANIMALS)
Start date: Oct 31, 2010, End date: Dec 30, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today animal-therapy remains largely unknown. But it can be used and promoted in Latvia and neighbouring Lithuania to improve and strengthen the social environment and infrastructure in 16 Latvian-Lithuanian border regions. This would make many facilities more accessible for the local people and children with special needs. In Latvia: social rehabilitation room in Karsava; special pre-school institution “R???tis” in Ludza; Rezekne city institution for Children with special needs “Special Child”; Silajani elementary school in Riebini local municipality; Day centre in Preili; Family Support Centre in Aglona; Kraslava children's social rehabilitation centre "M?sm?jas”; Dagda children's centre; Bebrene health development centre, as well as school buses for Daugavpils, Rezekne and Vilani local municipalities will be equipped with special platforms. In Lithuania: Visaginas Children Support centre; Didžiasalis Children‘s Care and Social Support for the Family Centre; Utena Children social support and development centre; Children`s centre of the special needs and a hippodrome in Aniksciai will be targeted. The international summer camps and animal-therapy courses where dogs, horses, rabbits and dolphins communicate with children by means of emotions will give children the warmness, tenderness and love. Joint sessions, contests and competitions will strengthen not only the physical but also the psycho-emotional state of children. These events will be organised for the children coming from social risk families and social care institutions. Animal-therapy, a unique rehabilitation method, will be presented during seminars and practical trainings for social workers, doctors and parents of children with special needs. Brochures and methodology of animal-assisted therapy which are available in Latgale and Aukstaitija will be republished and distributed. Achievements: • 465 persons were involved in the project activities – children from the social risk groups, with special needs, their parents, social specialists, family doctors, physiotherapists.• Seminars targeted to the social specialists, family doctors and parents gave an insight into therapy with the help of animals as unique method of rehabilitation, at the same time providing the understanding of „triple simultaneous effect” – positive and concurrent effect on human body by physical, psychological and social factor. Participants of the seminars were informed about accessibility of different methods of therapies in Latgale region in Latvia and Aukshtaitia in Lithuania. Besides during the trainings parents and family doctors could practically try by themselves the healing effect of the four-legged therapists (dogs and horses).• During two international summer camps, four seminars and trip to Klaipeda all together 200 children participated in the short courses of animal therapy, where dogs, horses, sea lions and seals by „talking” in a language of emotions which is the most understandable way for children, provided them warms, sweetness and love, as well strengthened not just their physical but psycho emotional condition as well.• During the project repair works of premises (331,58 m²) were done, video and IT equipment, sets of furniture and sets of special equipment (therapeutic beds, exercise equipment, games for development of sensory and motion sensors and others), as well as three wheelchair platform lifts for vans were obtained. As a result 16 children education and health care institutions in Latvia and Lithuania became more accessible.
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