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Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

The project is a 6-month cooperation project between European volunteers based in Barcelona (Spain) and an Argentinean education organisation, Noosfera-CEID, based in Buenos Aires. The project will take place in the social centre "Asamblea Popular de Flores" where the organisation already coordinates activities, in collaboration with other groups. The aim of the project is to address issues reTátecf to social exclusion among young people through informal learning, the use of communication media, and the development of a work cooperative. Volunteers will act as coordinators of various workshops and informal courses including creative writing, sewing, screen printing, digital publishing, documentary-making and basic IT. All these courses ultimately aim at creating three sub-projects: an online magazine, a documentary project - both raising awareness on local matters - as well as a self-sustainable textile cooperative. The volunteers' role will be to assist, encourage and empower the participants, based on the promotion of a horizontal hierarchy structure, a democratic and equal working environment and the importance of team work and cultural diversity. The development of planned activities will be assessed continuously and adapted to the participants' input, suggestions and ideas. The project is designed with the objective of strengthening the local organisation's structure and encouraging the local community's participation in a sustainable manner so that the actual project would expand beyond its own boundaries.

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