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Angiogenesis-metabolism crosstalk in vascular homeostasis and disease (ANGIOMET)
Start date: Sep 1, 2012, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Blood vessels pervade all tissues in the body to supply nutrients and oxygen. Aberrant vessel growth and function are hallmarks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases and they contribute to disease pathogenesis. Antiangiogenic therapeutics have reached the clinic, but limited efficacy and resistance raise unresolved challenges. The current limitations of angiogenic medicine call for a more integrated understanding of the angiogenic process that focuses not only on the instigators of vessel branching but also on mechanisms that sustain vessel growth. Recent insights into fundamental aspects of cell growth move metabolism into spotlight and establish how proliferating cells reprogram their metabolism to provide energy and building blocks for cell replication. During angiogenesis, endothelial cells (ECs) also convert between growth states: although mostly quiescent in adult tissues, ECs divide and migrate rapidly upon angiogenic stimulation. To allow growth of new vessel branches, ECs therefore need to adjust their metabolism to increase energy production and biosynthetic activity. However, the molecular mechanisms that coordinate EC metabolism with angiogenic signalling are not known to date. In this proposal, we put forth the hypothesis that metabolic regulation is a key component of the endothelial angiogenic machinery that is required to sustain vessel growth. Thus, this proposal aims (I) to define transcriptional circuits that link EC growth with metabolism, (II) to explore the regulation of these transcriptional networks by lysine acetylation, a nutrient-regulated protein modification with key functions in metabolism, and (III) to assess the role of sirtuin deacetylases for sensing endothelial energetics during vascular growth. Understanding the principles of angiogenesis-metabolism crosstalk will not only yield novel insights into the basic mechanisms of vessel formation but will also provide unprecedented opportunities for future drug development."

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