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Ανάπτυξη εφαρμογών Android
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The program "Development of Android applications" regards the presentation of the technologies offered by the Android platform and tools for software development. By "smart phone" we refer to mobile devices with advanced features (such as a computer) and operating system. The Android massively adopted in 2010 and today is the most advanced operating system for mobile devices, holding a market share of around 79%. Google's support to the system and the programming options offered are substantial incentives for development. The Android SDK (Software Development Kit), which grows continuously, provides all the modern technologies and programming possibilities available today on mobile devices. In conjunction with the Google Market and how Google rewards developers depending on the popularity of their applications, the development of applications on Android is booming and growing incessantly. The huge market of Android is constantly creating needs and jobs for programmers. It is therefore an important advantage, the knowledge and training on the Android SDK to an application developer nowadays, as it opens the doors to a large and constantly growing labor market. The central aim of the proposal is the preparation and presentation capabilities and technologies provided by the Android SDK and the presentation of the benefits offered by the entrance to the area of programming mobile applications. The training program is designed according to the characteristics to meet participants' needs. The educational needs of the participants arising from current trends in the sector and are in direct relation to labor market needs are:  Basic knowledge of the Android SDK,  Introduction to GIS technology (Geographic Information System),  Technologies Analysis of innovations of the Android platform,  Advantages and disadvantages of the market,  Software Expansion Capabilities on other platforms (such as Apple IOS, Windows, Blackberry etc.). Meeting these needs will lead to equip students with knowledge and experience that will make them ready to enter the market of programming mobile applications. Participation in such a mobility project contributes so the participants will gain valuable experience and significant qualifications to the following objectives: • understand the basics of the Android SDK, • to apply new technologies in Android apps, • choose the tools for developing Android software, • to perform software upgrades, • Realize the importance of lifelong learning to continually update and enrich their knowledge in developing Android applications. 8th EK ATHINON submitted this project entitled "Development of Android applications" for students in the fields of Information Technology and Economics - Management. The plan is expected to involve 40 students, accompanied by two teachers, who for a period of 14 days will go to Cyprus in March 2016 and to England in January 2016. The host organizations EDEX - INTERCOLLEGE and ADC are colleges with established reputation in higher education offering unique educational opportunities for the students. Both in the design and during implementation of the project, the sending and host institutions act in the successful adaptation and improvement of knowledge and skills of the trainees to enable them to better cope with the growing needs of the modern business world and make themselves the most competitive in the labor market. Through the project, trainees are expected to gain valuable experience and significant qualifications, which is expected to contribute to the subsequent working career and are identified in the following results:  Be able to meet the new requirements of their profession,  Understand the basics of the Android SDK,  To enrich their knowledge with modern technologies and programming possibilities available today on mobile devices,  To know how to develop software for Android and other platforms,  To apply new technologies in Android apps,  Choose the tools for developing Android software,  To perform software upgrades. 8 EK ATHINON, with the approval of the project shall implement actions which will involve:  the preconditioning phase  The implementation phase  The phase after the training.
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