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Analyzing and Recognizing Time, Factuality, and Opinion in Text (ARTiFactO)
Start date: 01 Jul 2009, End date: 30 Jun 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project aims at exploring methodologies on porting natural language processing (NLP) technology from one language to another (Objective 1), while contributing specific technological infrastructure to the target language (Objective 2). Research on cross-linguistic porting of technology is increasingly popular due to the advantages of reusing NLP tools of costly production. Moreover, it is a key issue in the EU, given its multilinguality and the challenges this poses regarding resource sharing across linguistic borders.The project focuses on technology for processing time, factuality, and opinion expressed in text. Time information concerns “what happened when” and involves ordering events along the temporal axis, factuality has to do with the degree of certainty of events, and opinion deals with attitudes and their sources. These are basic levels for NLP tasks concerning text understanding, but started to receive some attention only recently. They are expressed through well-delimited grammar and lexicon fragments and share conceptual structures across languages, which makes them ideal test-beds for exploring the cross-language porting of NLP tools.The project will result in a suite of tools for analyzing the 3 levels of information in Catalan and Spanish, to be integrated as part of the information extraction system in the host. Objective 1 will be achieved through experiments exploring the feasibility of different procedures for porting lexical and parsing resources. Objective2 involves research at theoretical (setting description models for the phenomena) and applied levels (developing specific resources, to be done based on the experiments for Objective1).Most previous work on the area has been carried out in the USA -in the group of the researcher and other collaborating centers. By reintegrating her, the EU strengthens its scientific role in the area, guarantees future international collaborations, and allows her to consolidate her scientific profile.
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