Archive of European Projects

Analysis and implementation of the European experience in the area of democracy and governance in Ukraine
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is focused on the creation of the Jean Monnet Department related to problems of European Governance and European integration. On the basis of department is planned the creation of Information Center of the EU and Research Center related to the problems of European integration. The project has the following activity directions:- educational – study modules «Democracy and Governance in the EU», «Social and humanitarian policy in the EU» - for master students, course «Civil society institutions and protection of human rights of foreign citizens in the EU» - for public servants (postgraduate), publishing of study literature and preparation of didactic materials;- informative – open lectures for civil servants and teachers, creation of web-page of the project in Ukrainian and English language, cooperation with media;- communicative – organization of roundtable debate «Europeanization of state governance in Ukraine» for public servants; workshop «Youth policy in the EU: opportunities for youth self-government» for leaders of student groups; cooperation and participation in the work of Ukrainian Association of European Studies;- scientific – scientific seminars for aspirants about problems of European governance; conference «Ukraine and the EU: opportunities and perspectives for cooperation»; preparation of practical recommendations regarding problems of state governance modernization in Ukraine; analysis of teaching experience of European studies in Poland; scientific publications about problems of European integration and governance. Creation of Department of European Governance, Information Centre of the EU and Research Scientific Centre related to problems of the European integration will increase the quality of researches, spreading information among community in region.
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