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An Approach to Qualifications through Negotiated Work Based Learning for the EU
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

The reason for this project is to refine a method of providing qualifications for work based activity that will also produce benefits for employers in performance, behavior and attitude of learners. Often organisations have many talented employees working in technically skilled jobs with little or no formal qualifications, at least not in relation to their employment. These employees are disadvantaged as their skill and experience is not recognized formally and they may be undervalued by themselves, their colleagues and employers. Employers are often less interested in qualifications than performance so a tripartite approach is necessary to include the employer's needs within work based learning. It is therefore fundamental to the project that employers views will be sought, and will inform all the project outputs. There are significant issues that will be researched including meeting needs and expectations of employers and convincing them of the value of this kind of learning, meeting the requirements of the students for recognized qualifications and changing the mind-set of Universities on how courses are planned, delivered and assessed. The outputs will build on existing pilots to create a framework that is interdisciplinary and that can also be transferred across industries, institutions and Countries. The main outputs are, a framework that ensures that learning meets employers' objectives, a method for ensuring that Universities can plan and deliver best quality learning across different disciplines and a consistent and acceptable method of assessment. The EU / economic impact will be through real improvement in business performance through education aligned with strategic objectives. The project outcomes aim to provide a legacy of a new approach to WBL/qualifications equivalent to academic awards but embedded in the organisation through work with Senior Managers. The sustained impact will also be on learners and Universities changing learning and delivery.

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