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An affordable tool to turn the space surrounding us into a creative experience (c-Space)
Start date: Nov 1, 2013, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

14% of Internet users regularly upload and share videos in a mobile scenarios. Videos are increasingly used as a key media, thus changing the way we create and consume digital information for professional or entertainment purposes.c-Space benefit from this trend and deliver a low-cost solution to reconstruct 4D scenes (3D plus time) of indoor or outdoor events from casual real-world footage (e.g. captured by mobile phones) through Video Based Rendering (VBR) techniques.c-Space exploits familiarity with Augmented Reality (AR) software for tablets/smartphones and on emerging micro-projection technologies to unleash users' inventiveness by letting them create 4D content in a completely new way, thus reconstructing 3D scenes of real scenes at different times (4D) (e.g. public concerts, sports events but also meetings, parties or simple outdoor spaces etc.), which can be used as the "virtual stage" for ubiquitous media-sharing.In fact, in c-Space, the 4D scene becomes a spatio-temporally-sorted repository of the digital resources available in the area. Users can contribute to the content through a creative crowdsourcing approach in which new localised digital content (e.g. videos, images, 3D models etc.) is created, linked (logically, geographically, and visually), and shared within its surrounding space.By significantly shortening the 3D content creation pipeline, c-Space fills a gap not covered by any technology current in the market, thus yielding manifold savings (in terms of time & resources) in several creative industries (performing arts, advertising, cinema, video games, cultural tourism etc.).Non-technical issues will also be explored, i.e. 1) social acceptance or social communication mechanisms emerging from projecting information onto the surrounding space, and 2) creation of innovative businesses including for instance, new services for personalised forms of localised advertisement or for cultural tourism.

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