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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project “Ampliando nuestras fronteras (Extending our borders)” is a KA1 project of the Public Bilingual School of Infant(preschool) and Primary Education Carmen Conde of Leganes, Madrid, Spain. In the 2016-2017 academic year, our school is celebrating its tenth anniversary as a bilingual institution. For this reason we have considered to present this project not for the sole benefit of the teachers of our institution but for the whole educational community to have a new prospective on our bilingual program. The main objective of our project is the following: To better the quality of education in our institution by the means of resources, experiences, and methodologies obtained by the observations from the visited institutions, taking the first steps to internationalize our institution so that we may in the future become a school that is opened to Europe. We have achieved a project that took two years in the making, in which four job shadowing activities will be carried out by schools in different countries around Europe: Poland, Greece, Italy, and Holland. To secure the changes in our institution and to guarantee the longevity of this project in the future, we believe it is best that the participation of all the faculty in all steps, levels, specialization as members of the administrative team of the exchanges with a total of eight central educators of different stages given by the center, so to be able to fulfill some detailed observations based on our previous experiences of all the visiting teachers and acquiring the basic competence that helps us to better our methodology and teaching techniques. These changes will be implemented gradually and we will observe the results of the short-term and long-term benefits, receiving an update of the methodology implemented with the benefit that will create a future for our student body. The impact to our faculty will be evident from the initiation of the process, now that we will reflect on our teaching methods and we will be open to new experiences. The short-term and long-term linguistic competence, we will have to be in contact with the educators of the other institutions with the use of the English language, so that we develop collaborative and cooperative technics between all the educators that will form this type of school. All of this will be coordinated through the committee of Erasmus+, which will be composed of coordinators from each working group created for each European school visit, for the administrative team and the responsibilities of the blog (created for means of disseminating the project and an exchange platform for the visited institutions)Every coordinator of the exchange will be responsible for a working group, where they will be integrated with all members that make up the teaching staff. Therefore all works that will be worked on will be agreed upon by all the teachers and will be implemented throughout the school. This KA1 project, we considerate it a driving force to continue with other future projects that include no just the participation of the faculty but also the students, the main protagonists of our institution, so that they connect with other students from other countries sharing experiences, communicating and doing activities together using the English language. We believe that the start of this adventure with our European partners we will see the capabilities to embark on other project in the long-run.
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