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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Despite important improvements in medical science the number of illness and the rate of sick people rises. Besides this overcoming through some tiring and serious ilnesses for people is very hard. Also the psychological problems during these ilnesses creates another problem for cure of those ilnesses. Besides the proper illness, the psychological problems that are omitted by the family, the neighbouring and the nurses of the ill is the point at issue. The fact of can’t making any work, dependent relative allowance unites with the illness’s own symptoms may create important psychological crisis. The more the seriousness of the illness, the more the ill people face with fear of physical change, leakage, smell, social support, surgical complication, unhealing, being disabled, rejection by friends and family and even death. The ill is in the tendency of sharing his/her thoughts about this either with nurses nor with the people that experienced the same illness. So s/he always compares himself with other ills and thinks as his situation is worse than others and may face with psychological traumas (damages the emotion of safety and makes the feeling of desperation, loneliness and being harmed witin this dangerous world). The facts of threatening either physical or mental balance and emotionally hardly overcoming events, experiences or situations may take place unless the psychological support is given after the operation by the nurses. The psychological support and its education that is given by the nurses before the operations of surgical bypass, tracheostomy, urostomy, amputation and neuro surgery is about %40 in Turkey. It is about %30 in after operations. And the formal and informal psychological support done by the family or friends to the ills is about %50 - %60. The psychological preparation of the ills before the operations in Europe is %93 whereas it is %48 in Turkey. Also the rate of psychological support after the operations in Europe is approximately %95 whereas it is %52 in Turkey. It is proved according to the researches about the rate of healing in normal time and adaptation to social life in Europe is approximately %87 whereas it is about %61 in Turkey. After the talks with the nurses the idea of the psychologists must support the ills for the traumas before and after the operations has loomed large. The results of the researches shows that the amount of psychiatry nurses aren’t enough in our country. This problem can be overcame by the education of the traumas that can be seen before and after the operations and psychological care to the nurses. Erzurum Yakutiye Anatolian Vocational School of Health and Niğde Bor Sevim ve Abdullah Altundal Anatolian Vocational School of Health has joined the project of “TRAUMAS THAT OCCUR BEFORE AND AFTER OPERATIONS AND EXAMPLES OF GIVEN PSYCHOLOGICAL CARE” which is prepared by the coordinator institution Düzce Anatolian Vocational School of Health as domestic partners. This is an abroad vocational education mobility project that is about nursing section of Vocational Schools of Health. Our aim in this project is to establish the skill education efficiently and effectively in psychological treat applications of pre and post operations field to the nursing section students by showing them the practical situations which are of a high percentage in Europe but very rare in our country. Düzce Anatolian Vocational School of Health is trying to pursue their goals by cooperating with the health institutions in Europe which are the leaders in health section like Hungary, Germany and Finland In this context a partnership with the institutions in health sector from DERKO-MED EGÉSZSÉGÜGYİ KÖZPONT KFT. / THEODOR-HEUSS-SCHULE OFFENBACH and VANTAAN KAUPUNKI has been established. “Europass certificate” will be given to our students those who get the education of traumas and psychological care pre and post of operations at ill people. With this certificate, our students will prove the education that they get in Europe and their chance to find a job both in public and private sectors will increase. Qualified staff will be overtaken in our rapidly growing health sector. The vocational practices will be shared with the other vocational schools of health and the ECVET system will become reality.

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