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The envisaged project *AMazingBook!is meant as an experiment focusing on traditional and less usual ways of storytelling. We aim at encouraging our students to develop the various narratives by means of a common internet platform. While doing so our students will explore their partners’ cultural heritage as well as their own.This project shall start as a blog, to be transformed into a website. The final goal and product, however, will be a traditional medium – a book collecting and presenting all narratives that have unfolded throughout our common project work.The project will integrated into classroom work as well as through several project weeks and work meetings.As the project title pun implies, the different storylines will be swapped several times between the partners. What’s more, they may cross, diversify or interweave now and then – a process we may stimulate as supervising coordinators by means of certain incentives and special tasks. There shall be room for promoting various talents of the students involved, including ICT and Foreign language skills, artwork, imaging & illustrating etc. Regular informal exchange among ordinary European teenagers and teachers will develop along with that.
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