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Am Disabled-Have Experience: Electronic Work Simulators (EWS) - Software for Training and Testing the Physically Disabled for Telework in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Am Disabled-Have Experience will address the needs of disabled persons in gaining professional or work experience. The project will develop and test innovative multi-lingual software for disabled users, providing a simulated environment for the Customer Relationship Management sector thus contributing to individual experience building in a genuine working environment.Initial analysis will be undertaken across a range of SMEs, recruitment and consultancy agencies and professional bodies, to clarify both the types of jobs (e.g. staff within on-line information centres, travel agency call centres, hotel reservations departments, etc.) and current availability across the sector.Development work will then be undertaken to design and introduce Electronic Work Simulators (EWS) for the most popular types of jobs (as dictated by the results of the previous analysis). The EWS tool will allow disabled persons from across the partner countries to access distance learning and distance-examination within their chosen profession or sector. The Software Development Kit (SDK) used to generate the EWS will rely upon a variety of medium to effect this learning, to include text, voice and/or graphical modes of operation. Results of activity undergone within EWS will be able to be graded, dependant upon the activities undergone and results achieved.A support manual will also be developed and both the software & support manual will be produced in all partner languages (PL, IT & CZ). A dedicated project website will be further established to host the software, for use both in the individuals' home environment and on-site at partner organisation PC laboratories. The programme will be promoted via articles in relevant journals and through awareness raising at appropriate seminars & conferences across the partner countries.
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