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Alumnado del siglo XXI en escuelas del siglo XXI.
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CEIP Atalaya is a compensatory education centre in the Granada area with a high percentage of students who are at risk of social exclusion. Several years ago, we took it upon ourselves to create an educational opportunity that enables our students to play an active role in social entrepreneurship. The goal of this project is to foster the acquisition of the skills that our school needs in order to be a genuine 21st century school. This entails not only proposing innovative educational scenarios and generating meaningful learning situations, but also having the capability to manage locations, resources and strategies that benefit the entrepreneurship and the development of our students’ skills in the 21st century. Technology must be a part of this strategy. Therefore, we must undertake a project that improves our staff’s skills in the field of digital competence. Throughout the last few years we have gained an extensive background in scientific projects. Project EvoluTICvos provided us with a chance to start other, more technological initiatives in conjunction with other schools in Spain, allowing us to witness their best practices and to exchange and share our knowledge (for more information, visit Likewise, we intend to undertake similar projects and use the opportunity to expand our European dimension. This will be accomplished by searching for those European schools with a wealth of experience in STEM-based international educational projects that are willing to provide us with a collaborative learning environment. Our project doesn’t start from scratch. It is but a step further on the path we started on with projects Proyectando Futuro and EvoluTICvos, as well as our participation in four editions of the FIRST LEGO League. Our goals are: 1. To participate in, and eventually coordinate, international STEM projects.2. To decrease the social and digital divide between our students, enabling them to take an active role in social entrepreneurship.3. To train our staff in the development of our students’ scientific and technological skills.4. To involve various social agents (among them, families) in the project. The selected teachers must have an enterprising spirit, be involved in the school’s innovation and have the necessary English qualifications. They must eagerly undertake this project with the hope of achieving results similar to those obtained in the previous scientific and collaborative projects. In the last few years, our school has championed various scientific projects that have been recognised at the national level:• Our Science Fair was awarded an honourable mention in the Ciencia en Acción (Science in Action) competition.• Project CREECE obtained the 1st prize at the National Service-Learning Awards. • Our centre project known as Proyectando Futuro obtained the Telefónica Foundation Digital School Award (in the public school category). We propose two mobility experiences. One of them consists of a stay of 5 days in a ground-breaking Estonian school that has obtained international recognition for its employ of new technologies and robotics in their development of the students’ skills. The other one would be a stay of five days in a Danish school with an extensive background in European projects for the inclusion of IT in education. This centre is visited each year by other European schools and boasts a coordinator with a wealth of experience in European projects. Regarding the amount of staff eventually involved in the exchange, we are 36 teachers in all.We expect our project to have very positive results. Beyond its mobility aspects, our project includes various activities and pre- and postmobility training sessions that aim to clarify and fulfil our objectives. A very interesting outcome for our initiative would be to achieve true interschool collaboration regarding IT by promoting contact between European educational institutions. Our teachers are eager to visit the aforementioned schools and we have already started some of the aspects of our project, such as the work sessions and the exchange of knowledge and opinions between us and the selected schools. For our school, long-term results are what matters most. Launching our project opens up the possibility of taking it to the international level from a subject of interest to our students and teachers. It also offers us a chance to reverse the technological divide in today’s society, by using school as a force for its compensation. After all, it is our duty as teachers to embark on any projects that enable our students to attain their goals and dreams.
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