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AlterSkillsPraxis - Students and companies, the protagonists in the construction of integrated pathways between school and work for development of skills for employability.

The recent Italian law n. 53, 28 March 2003, article 4, and the D.L. 15 aprile 2005, n. 77, introduced the Internship (School Work Alternation) during student’s training within the upper secondary education, as opportunity of alternating between periods of school and work. Various problems have arisen while putting into effect the alternation programmes. As Industrial Association and in reply to the request for a deeper collaboration with the school system, we have been working together with some secondary high schools in Provincia di Grosseto, in order to develop and implementation of a methodology for the alternation programme which met the needs of all actors involved such as schools, students and companies.Project aim has been to further improve the methodology for Internship programmes (School Work Alternation) already in place in some high schools of Grosseto’ Provincia, strengthening the innovative approach to the organization of the student activity at their workplace.The aspect of enhancement has been recognised in the adoption of a more effective assessment methodology of employability skills, and the results of a previous Leonardo da Vinci project, ‘Quality assurance and Practice Oriented assessment in Vocational Education and Training’ QUAL PRAXIS (QP), has been considered appropriate.The project Consortium:Confindustria Grosseto, was the leading representative organisation of industrial producers of goods and services in relations with political forces and trade unions. It represented one of the target groups to which the Project was addressed. it was the promoter and coordinator partner. Its role was to give voice to the PMI needs and to create a connection with the professional world.Institute For Educational Research of the University Of Jyvàskylà, was the partner coordinator of the QP project. Its role was to support the process of integration and customizing of QP relevant elements of good practices inside/to the local Italian context represented by the School-Work Alternation programme.IPF / Iniciativas De Proyectos De Formación, is a company who developed a 9 years’ experience in students’ international mobility. Its role was to implement the results of the Project regarding the mobility of Italian students in Spain and its expertise has built a ‘bridge’ for a further transfer of the AlterSkillsPraxis methodology to other countries in Europe.Higher Secondary Schools, were the Institutions formally responsible for students’ activities and Internship School Work Alternation programme and represented one of the target groups. Their role was to cooperate in the methodology testing, contributing with their experience to validate the methodology.The final output of the AlterSkillsPraxis project was a manual on the innovative approach to the organization of student activities in the Internship tool to enhance the attractiveness of alternation.

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