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Alternative educaționale prin utilizarea TIC
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A. THE CONTEXT OF THE PROJECT Educational Alternatives Association Vrancea has the strategic advantage of the trainers with great experience and expertise in teachers training, including competencies developed by graduating courses in the former LLP, but our staff and collaborators have limited competencies and expertise in using ICT tools (Social Media, Curation, web 2.0.) in teachers’ training activities. B. THE TOPICS ADRESSD BY THE PROJECT - ICT – new technologies and digital competencies; - Institutional development through ICT European projects. C. THE OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT 1. development and certification of the skills of 3 trainers from our association regarding the use of social media, curation, web2-0 tools in adult education activities. 2. development and certification of the skills of 3 trainers from our association regarding the elaboration and use of digital resources and ITC innovative tools in adult education activities. 3. development of a training methodology for adults (focused on training the teachers) including the usage of digital resources and innovative ITC tools. D. THE PARTICIPANTS - 3 participants in each training, trainers with the permanent duty to develop teachers training courses using ICT tools - with English communication skills E. THE ACTIVITIES IN THE PROJECT I. PREPARATORY ACTIVITIES: A.1. setting the managerial team and implementation team A.2. establishment of the agreements with the international partners; A.3. selection of participants and agreements A.4. practical arrangements: online meetings with the partners, choosing transportation and accommodation etc. II. MOBILITIES A.5. - preparatory activities: intercultural, linguistical, digital, task related etc. A.6. the course "Social Media Master Class for education in semantic web 3.0.- Curation” implemented by EUNEOS (12-18 June 2016) A.7. the course " Technology Enhanced Learning " implemented by ETI (11-22 July 2016); + formal validation of the competencies developed during the courses A.8. Reporting – individual reports of each participant after the mobility period. III. DISSEMINATION AND FOLLOW-UP A.9. multiplication of the results: implementing in-service adult trainings for developing ICT skills A.10. integrating the developed skills in current activity within the organization A.11. development of a training methodology for adults to integrate the developesd competencies A.12. dissemination of the results A.13. impact analysis and the evaluation of the efficiency of the dissemination activities A.14. final report of the project F. THE IMPACT a. on the organization - increasing the capacity of the institution to apply the ICT tools in adults` trainings activities, focusing on teachers training - internationalization, establishing, maintaining and strengthen the collaboration with international partners with expertise in ICT b. on the participants - better skills in management and implementation of adult training activities integrating the new ICT tools - increasing the understanding level in practices, policies in using ICT tools according to European context -developed linguistic skills c. on the beneficiaries - development of the ICT and digital skills and increased interest on integrating the new ICT tools in current activities - access to increased quality training programs d. on other institutions - development of the abilities of ntegrating new ICT tools in adults education - better skills in bringing a change at the institutional level by valuing ICT tools in educational activities e. on the local community - awareness of the importance of European projects in the field of new ICT tools and awareness of the specific European values - awareness of the social, linguistic and cultural diversity G. LONG TERM BENEFITS - development of a training methodology for adults, integrating the new technologies and digital resources - increased quality of the adult education programs implemented by AAE VN.
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