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Start date: Jun 25, 2014, End date: Dec 15, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The YiA Program 2014-2020 contributed importantly to the growth in quality of the youth projects and to the support offered to transnational opportunities for youngsters. The project ALTER EGO through its 2 seminaries offers a space both for evaluation and for reflection on the projects developed in the last 2 years and a space for the ellaboration of a common strategy of the partner organization in the E+ context. Objectives: Among the 57 youth workers of the partner organizations (from 10 countries) until the end of the project: - A growth in the ability to bring innovation to the youth work field of the partner organizations; - The development of transverasl competences so they will be able to better use youth oriented pedagogical approaches, including youngsters with fewer opportunities (participants in mobility actions and members of local target groups) both from and out of Europe; Among the 10 partner organizations, until the end of the project: - Increased capacity, attractiveness and international horizon so they can better respond in the context of Erasmus PLUS to the common needs of young people within and outside Europe; Activity no. 1 (24 participants): The seminar „YiA Lesson”- youth workers mobility (component: network and training for youth workers - business support for the professional development of youth workers): 10.10.2014-22.10.2014. Roles: The coordinating and hosting organization: Asociatia PRO Arad; Sending partner organizations: Uluslararasi Surdurule Kalkinma Dernegi (Turkey); Kanakkale Koza GenclikDernegi (Turkey); Zdruzenie na Gragjani Volonterski Centar Skopje (Macedonia); Eritasardakan Akumbneri Dashnutyun (Armenia); Fundacja Mobilni Polacy (Poland); Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia (Spain); Associazione Attiva Mente (Italy); You Net (Italy); Scambieuropei (Italy). Activity no. 2: The seminar „Alter Ego Strategy”- mobility of youth workers (component: network and training for youth workers - business support for the professional development of youth workers): 23.10.2014-04.11.2014. Roles: the coordinating and hosting organizations: Asociatia PRO Arad; Partner sending organizations: same as in Activity 1. Both seminars will take place in Arad/Romania. In the case of both mobilities of the project we will use as main work methods: - "open space" - "open cafe" - "treasure-hunt" - "puzzle" - "work-shops" - "facilitated discussions" - " interactive presentations in plenary " - "bazaar" - "experiments"/" laboratory of methods, tools, techniques" - "testimonials" Complementary methods: - specific solutions of the introductive component: ice-breaking exercises, name games, interactive exercises of identifying group rules etc - cultural visits - methodological solutions for the „ventilation” of participants and for the preparation for a new phase of the Seminar (experiential )solutii metodologice pt "ventilarea" participantilor si pregatirea pt o noua etapa a Seminarului (experimental volunteering activities); - press conferences; - energizers. Methods of evaluation/reflection: - reflection groups; - evaluation work shops - individual reflections and individual filling in of the Participant’s Agenda. The main results of the project are: - The participants’ learning results; - The sketch of a Strategic Development Plan; - Greater capacity and attractiveness in terms of the youth work the partner organizations perform

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