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" Alps Sichuan Volunteers" Outdoor activities, European and Chinese rural tourism development
Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

« Alps Sichuan Volunteers » is an EVS project that aims to reinforce the cooperation between EU and China in the fields of youth, rural development, outdoor activities and ecotourism.The project will offer to 8 volunteers (2 French/ 2 Italian/4 Chinese) the opportunity to live a 6 month experience during which they will acquire both theoretical and practical skills about issues linked to ecotourism. The project aims in fact to offer a global vision of the possibilities offered by ecotourism as: - way to promote the economic development of rural and mountain areas- kind of tourism which doesn’t compromise the ecosystem- activity to have fun by having healthy lifestylesThe volunteers will understand how ecotourism represents a real resource for economic development as a “form of leisure that meets the needs of the tourists, the professionals of the tourism industry and the local community, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs” (Brundtland definition). Therefore, this EVS project will them allow having fun by developing skills that may also open new job opportunities. Creativity, entrepreneurship and sense of initiative will continuously stimulate thus promoting a real personal and professional growth of the volunteers.Non-formal learning and learning by doing will be the main methodologies used. Reciprocal approach between sending and hosting organisations will be the basis for activities implementation. Pistes Solidaires, as coordinator, will assure the correct progress of the work also by providing tools about: volunteer preparation/volunteer tutorial management/volunteer empowerment,creativity and entrepreneurship/youth pass skills recognition and identification.
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