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Alpine Forest FIre waRning System (ALP FFIRS)
Start date: Aug 31, 2009, End date: Aug 30, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims to improve forest fire prevention in the AS with the creation of a shared warning system based on weather condition affecting fire potential. Main goal is the development of a decision support tool for actors involved in forest fire prevention and suppression, consisting in a daily fire danger level assessment and forecast to identify critical periods in advance of their potential occurrence. Major target is the univocal European Forest Fire Danger Scale definition and common danger level interpretation with resulting preparedness plans and operational procedures. Mutual aid in vigilance and extinction procedures will be defined. An Alpine network on forest fire impact mitigation will be assembled reflecting common political strategy in prevention management, also in relation to climate change affecting fire potential. The project allows modulation and coordination of alerting process and means dislocation in different countries as well as mutual aid protocol adoption. Achievements: The activities carried out contributed to scientific progress and project promotion to public and forest fire technicians. Some important outputs have been achieved to implement the common operational warning system: the standard common methodology for meteorological assessment of forest fire danger and thresholds applied at the alpine scale; all forest fire indexes calculated and compared on the whole alpine area, several statistical analysis; study on the most heavily affected forest types and ignition experiments; fuel types inventory. As the climate change is concerned, different indexes have been calculated on model scenario and statistical methods to adapt them to Alps to assess future fire danger have been performed. Activity results have been published and presented at conferences. Field exercise program starting involving fire brigades gave the opportunity to improve media communication. Web site updating and the 2nd newsletter issued assured the public results dissemination.
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