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Alphabets of Europe
Start date: 01 Jan 2013,

The AlphaEU project focuses on the Key Activity 2 priority: “Promoting early language education.” It aims to promote the acquisition of multilingual awareness and language skills of pre-schoolers in various European countries, by developing, piloting, and implementing digital alphabet books and alphabet-related games and interactive activities. Targeted alphabets/languages include: English, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Bringing very young children into contact with foreign languages may result in faster language learning, improved mother tongue skills, and better performance in other areas. Studies have shown that phonemic awareness is closely associated with reading ability in the early and later years of schooling, while letter-sound correlation is proved to play an important role in learning how to read and write a language. Alphabet books are also bound to enrich children’s vocabulary in a language and offer multifaceted opportunities for creative learning. The innovative aspect of AlphaEU is that active and creative language learning is channelled through digital media that encourage children to approach European languages and alphabets in a comparative manner, identifying differences and similarities and beginning to formulate general ideas about how languages work. An AlphaEU guide introduces kindergarten teachers, parents and caregivers to the project’s approach and material. E-learning modules inform and train adult mediators in utilizing digital alphabet books and activities. The project encourages involvement of family members in supporting language learning, enabling an effective integration between school and community. The digital alphabet books and activities are implemented with preschool children in all participating countries and case studies are publicized as demonstrators of the AlphaEU approach. The AlphaEU project is expected to have a positive impact on pre-primary language education across the EU.
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