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Almost 50 shades of grea.....t Britain - oder - Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Liebe
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project's catalyst is mainly last year's opening of a new school type at our vocational school. Now we have a special kind of secondary school that starts in year 8. These students stay at our school for six years before they get their final qualification. This age group is completely new to us. So far we only had students of the age of 16 upward. Of course, we now want to create age appropriate structures, teaching methods and offers. Being a UNESCO-project-school we are part of a network for intercultural education and stand for intercultural learning, world-wide development, a culture of piece, human rights, tolerance and democracy. Within this background we desperately would like to renew the bond to Great Britain, which we unfortunately lost when our twinned school had to close. The aim of our project has many different shades. We would like to get to know the inner structures of a British school, their teaching methods and teaching ideas in order to implement them into our own school life.. We also would like to improve our teachers' and students' English language skills as well as to update their knowledge about today's Britain. One other big goal is to find a partner for a new school cooperation and for eTwinning. Since our staff resources are limited we are going to send only one teacher our to this mission. Miss Beuter volunteered to attend a two weeks course for European English teachers. The acquired knowledge and the course material will be shared with the other 15 English colleagues during different staff meetings. There they will also discuss which positive British structures and methods could be integrated in our whole school. The discussion results will be presented at different school conferences. These means that not only our teachers but also all of our almost 2000 student will benefit from the course. Miss Beuter plans to find an (e)twinning partner among the other course attending teachers. Especially the young students of our new school type as well as the students of our technical college together with their teachers will profit by this contact - as well as, of course, the students and teachers of the twinned school. Since the students of our new "Gymnasium" stay at our school for six years (so far we had no pupils staying longer than three years) more intensive and long-term contacts will be possible. We hope for lasting and improved bonds through contacts between teachers and students of our school with European colleagues and young people from other countries. Now we can only cross our fingers, that our dream of being able to use all the benefits this course could provide us and finding the lost British love in form of a new relationship will come true. We put it in Erasmus's hand to send cupid's dart.
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