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Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

WELDING AND CNC TRAINING EXPERIENCE IN GERMANYQualified labor need in Turkish industry is essential for Turkish economy that tries gain international competition power. Outward economic policy makes it necessary to increase the productivity and qualification of labor by training qualified labor to support economic reconstruction. By having hold an important role in vocational education, Vocational and Technical Schools not only educate staff for both work and vocational fields, but also prepare students for higher education. To train qualified labor as one of the essential tools in economic and technological development gives important roles and responsibilities to vocational and technical schools. Industrialization is one of the most important elements of development. Therefore, the need of qualified labor both vocationally and technically to adapt technological development in service and production fields increases in our country. To answer this, vocational and technical schools are needed to train and educate qualified labor that know about, can interpret, use and develop contemporary technological methods, as well adapt novelties easily. It is essential to train that necessary labor by cooperating companies and supporting and expanding vocational and technical schools as a whole. Vocational and technical education has an important role to accelerate development, increase employment and raising the competition power of the country. In order to catch up with the technological era, it should be given necessary importance to vocational and technical education in our country. It takes a place in the development policies of our country. Our project aims to train individuals who have vocational qualification and experience by teaching and giving opportunity to weld to students in Metal Technologies Welding department. These students will weld in vocational schools and companies in Germany to learn a lot of different ways of welding of Metal and Metal compounds, how more productive can metal, electrode and welding wire be in different welding methods and materials. CNC (Computer Numeric Control) department students of Machine Technologies, will train on machines using CNC and using Solid CAM and Solid WORKS programs to learn different types and models of CNC machines. They will also observe which programs give better results by training on them. Besides these, our students will find opportunities to observe and train of maintenance and repair of these machines.In the mobility, there will be 13 students in Welding department of Metal technologies, 13 students in CNC department of Machine Technologies at the 11th grade accompanied by 3 teachers from Kırşehir Vocational and Technical High School. The students maintain their education by gaining basic education on their vocational field. The students are in the need of vocational education related to their departments, employment in the labor market and education at the technological level of the labor market.Our mobility covers training of the students and visits of vocational companies.In the mobility, it will be provided that the students will train and participate to vocational education according to the law no 3308 that is still being applied in our country. Teacher will workshadow the students according to vocational education plan.It is aimed to develop students’ qualification and experience needed in labor market. It will help students’ to employment. The project will give chance of being EU citizen as socially and culturally. It also develops students’ language skills. Our project also covers other local, national and sectoral aspects of Erasmus+ program. Our school aims to contribute to mobility in EU,learn about different cultures, gather and support information and help adaptation to EU on vocational education.
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