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ALLIES - Intercultural Youth Impulse
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project ALLIES: Young people from the Cairo and A Coruña, between 18 and 30 years old, 10 from Spain and 10 from Egypt Why Youth people from Egypt? Egypt is the cradle of the Arab culture especially in artistic level, is the “Hollywood” of Arab countries, the film and music industry. They have a very powerful system of media (TV and radio) that has a strong dissemination in all Arab countries. The Egyptian language is the easiest among all Arabic languages and dialects, this makes diffusion easier. Egypt is the Arab country of reference for everyone else, all what is done in Egypt is extended and extrapolated at the rest of the Arab countries and is taken as an example to follow. Egypt is the bridge between Africa and Asia. Young people from Egypt are drivers of social change through social media “Egypt revolution” ¿What have in common Spanish and Egypts youngsters? What these young Egyptian and Spanish have in common, is the lack of development of capabilities that allow them to optimum social inclusion. These shortcomings are related to problems in both cultures: -Healthy and alternative entertainment. -Employability. -Interculturalism: knowledge and tolerance. Long-Term Aim of Project ALLIES: The development of the capacities of young people from Egypt and Span, especially those who are at risk of social exclusion. Specific Aims: - Increase the social participation of young Egyptian and Spanish people through the development of leisure activities available for both of them at the Cairo and A Coruña. - Promote the rational use of social networks as a tool of the inter-relation of Egyptian and Spanish Youngters, and fight against their stereotypes and prejudices. - Improve employability through the development of social skills for employment for young people in the Cairo and A Coruña. Expected results: - The participation of young people, are encouraged through the creation of accessible and attractive leisure activities, and the promotion of common meeting spaces. - We encouranged equality of gender in young people, promoting equal participation between men and women. - Promote the rapprochement of cultures "Islamic and Catholic" by reducing stereotypes and prejudices through discussion groups with Egyptian and Spanish youngsters through social networks. - Encourage the development of digital contents that boost their creativity, their capabilities and solutions to common problems creating videos, opinion articles and other types of audiovisual material. Methodologie. We start from the following premise that could be the line of formulation and execution of the project: ¿What have in common Spanish and Egypts youngsters? At this point we could raise a foundation that raised what we know of the social reality of youth people in Egypt and Spain In terms of resources, opportunities, education, employment, leisure and free time ... etc. It might be interesting to make a comparative analysis. At a first level of execution would leave open the proposal of activities and workshops to the decision of the young participants. As an Exchange, it would be positive if young people from each cities, made a proposal of leisure activities, to young people who go to visit them to their city. At the methodological level, approach is based on the use of social networks as a tool for contact between the two groups. The aim would be to encourage good use of new technologies Activities: -Establish focus groups with young people. Set up an activity that will bring together young people around a common interest (for example, if they are unemployed young people, could be how to search for a job or in another case, for young people who doesn´t work or study, wich alternatives do they have) -Exchange of good practices through these groups we could work themes of participation as well as help create a meeting place where talk about the needs of young people in terms of employment and accessible entertainment. In these groups, we could work: - Social Media (proactive use of them as a tool to be in contact with the group of another country). The project could start with a contest of ideas in any social network about what would you do in your community in terms of leisure. It could be a good dynamising element. - Gender and leisure. How people live the gender perspective in each of these groups. Workshop. - The first Exchange we will work information and issues, to develop digital content, stimulate them in social networks, thus in the second exchange in a more practical way, convert them to digital and audiovisual content.

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