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All you need is VOLunteering
Start date: 02 Aug 2016, End date: 01 Feb 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

All you need is VOLunteering is an Eramsus + European Voluntary Service project (Key action 1), which will take place in Belluno (Italy) from October 5th to November 30th 2016 .It is a "short term EVS" project which involves two young volunteers with fewer opportunities, currently not engaged in any Education programme, Employment or Training (NEETs). In this way Comitato d'Intesa and the project partners are trying to give a concrete answer to a social need, creating an opportunity for international mobility for two young people, who are resident in Germany and in Ireland, currently experiencing a prolonged withdrawal from the labor market and from the training system with consequent inclusion, learning and training problems.The project is led by some specific objectives. All you need is VOLunteering in fact aims to:- Promote volunteering as an expression of active citizenship, solidarity and social inclusion;- Build a common vision of European volunteering, based on shared values;- Create a space for dialogue and intercultural learning among young people with fewer opportunities, by promoting the acquisition of a "European citizenship";- Experiment innovative and participatory processes, based on non-formal and informal learning methodologies;- Use the communication and multimedia language, as experimental methods of peer education;- Recognize and certify the level of attitudes and skills acquired by young people during the mobility experience;- Help young people to understand the overall benefits of volunteering in terms of social inclusion, (re)engagement, civic participation, mobility opportunities, discovering of new talents, etc.- Establish a network of transnational partnership, starting point for future collaborations.EVS volunteers will be engaged in the daily voluntary work, in close contact with the local community. Thanks to the already signed agreement with the Regional Education Office and the local organization "Amici delle Scuole in rete", the two volunteers will have the opportunity to live an intercultural experience with high added value. Their main activities will be:- the promotion of international mobility projects coordinated by Comitato d'Intesa;- the organization of three different artistic workshops (decoupage lab, painting lab and jewellery from recycled material lab) and two language workshops (English and German), open to the participation of local young people.Through informal and non-formal learning methods EVS volunteers come closer to the local youngsters, sharing languages, customs and traditional dances. In this path of mutual learning, they have the opportunity to experience together the values of tolerance and acceptance. The main aim is to give both to the EVS volunteers and the local youngsters new skills, involving them in a path of intercultural learning and thanks to"learning by doing" methodology, promoting social inclusion and the active participation of young people in the local community.The partnership network ensures a balance of expertise: each partner has been selected on the basis of interrelated skills, reliability, experience and contribution during all the phases of the project. Comitato d'Intesa and the project partners have documented experience in the field of non-formal learning, management of youth groups and promotion of intercultural dialogue, as well as adequate project management skills, preconditions for a network of quality.The project is aimed by obtaining a direct impact on EVS participants, local youngsters, mentors, partner organizations, as well as on the local community. The direct result of the project will be the multimedia product made after the experience, which will guarantee an optimal visibility thanks to the support that will be carried out by all the partner organizations and by the network of local actors, through their communication channels (website internet, Facebook page, newsletter, Youtube channels). The video production, in particular, will have a prominent impact and benefit in the long period: shared and promoted at all levels, it will become an instrument of media education, enhancing the transmission of the European common values of solidarity and active citizenship, and promoting a horizontal communication among peers.The mobility experience will also be an opportunity to discuss common projects, laying the basis for future synergies and collaborations, with long-term benefits for each partner association.
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