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All You Need Is Sports
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Sep 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project is conducted aiming to encourage people from Tavsanli, the participants from other countries and in the longer term the people of participants' countries to do more sports with diversity in their daily lives. This purpose of the project is tried to be reached by discussing about the sports in three consecutive steps, that are mainly three questions of why we do not do sports, why we should do sports and how we can encourage people to do sports. Besides these questions, the participants are asked to create a new team sport as a following step. In the project, there were 30 participants with the organization team from Turkey and from countries Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain and Croatia and the participants were all young people with a leader with them. First day started with meeting games, icebreakers and energizers in order to introduce every participant to the others. Then the rules for the project are set with the ideas coming from the participants and organizers themselves. The organizers asked the participants to share the fears and expectations about the project, the accomodation place and generally about Turkey. The fears and expectations are first discussed in teams and then presented to the whole group. Later, the presentation of the project is done by organizers in order to introduce the process of writing and conducting a project to the participants in which it is aimed to encourage the participants to do their own projects in the long term. Later on the first day, the first intercultural night is held by Romania and Spain, that presented about their culture, history and their cuisine. Every day after the first day started with energizers prepared by a different country for each day and continued with sportive exercises together in the whole group. Different pitches for different kinds of sports are used during the exercising sessions thanks to the facilities in the accomodation place in Göbel/Tavsanli. In the following days, the three questions mentioned above were the main subject of the sessions. All questions are first tried to be answered in five different teams composing of different nationalities by discussing first in the group then by presenting the final results to all of the participants. Each presentation was between 5-10 minutes long, the results are presented on cardboards and they are explained by each member of the groups and at last the results are improved by other participants in an open discussion. The second intercultural night is held on the third day by Italy and Bulgaria and on the sixth day the last intercultural night is held by Croatia and Turkey. In the free times arranged for participants, there have been done several sports activities such as football, swimming, volleyball and badminton. The whole group used the thermal facilities and the Turkish bath together for several times during the free times. The task of inventing a new team sport is also done in groups of 10 people for wider means of discussion. The groups first discussed and tried to invent a new team sport by practicing with diversed sports equipment. The invented sports are then presented on paper to the whole group and improved with the ideas of the listener participants. Especially, the sport named “Isball”,the name of which is derived from an inside joke in the project is appreciated the most by all participants. Lastly, two trips to Tavsanli center and to Kütahya city center are arranged with purposes such as socializing with locals, getting closer to the local culture, and trying to encourage local people to do sports by introducing them to exercising. In Tavsanli center, the participants are splitted into 5 groups with a Turkish leader, that would only help them in an emergency. Several tasks are given to the groups such as trying to buy fruits from the local bazaar by spending the least amount of money possible, making a survey about the popularity of sports in Turkey prepared by the organizers, convincing local people to exercise together and getting closer to locals by taking a selfie together. Afterwards, it was planned to do competitions with local people and giving awards to the winners in order to encourage them to do sports; however, because of the rainy weather conditions in the afternoon the time has spent with partly with competitions as possible, partly by shopping and sightseeing in Tavsanli instead. Second trip is arranged to Kütahya city center as a cultural trip in which the participants had the chance to see historical and cultural places in Kütahya such as Kütahya castles, Ulucami the mosque, typical çini shops of Kütahya and shopping places.

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