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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“ALL YOU NEED is EUROPE - 1" represents a fundamental project of “Leon Battista Alberti” Secondary School in Rome. The school founded in 1961 with its 105 staff members offers curricular daytime courses for students between 14 and 19 years old and evening courses for adults, besides extra-curricular courses for external users. The total number of students is about 1400. The school path areas are: -Management, Finance and Marketing with a connection with Business Information Systems - Costruction, Environment and Territory - Fashion System with connections with Textile, Clothing and Fashion. - Evening courses for adults in Costruction, Environment and Territory Our aim is to consolidate a process of internationalization of the Institute, already started by the Principal Mrs. Carolina Guardiani, with some activities held in the Czech Republic on different topics such as internship, school-work alternation, life long learning. Since 2014 the Institute has become partner of “The Association of Colleges in Eastern Region Uk- ACER”, an association including 33 Institutes of formation where the same subjects of our school are taught. “ALL YOU NEED is EUROPE - 1" included -one week mobility of a teacher appointed by the Principal for the training on “School Development & Enhancement” held in March 2016 in Southampton; - two week mobility for 2 English teachers participating in a training course on “Using technology for Teaching English” held in Cardiff between February and March 2016; - two week mobility for 2 scientific- technical subjects teachers participating in a training course in CLIL teaching methodology in English held in England. The main objectives of the project are: - To improve the educational syllabus and consequently students’ learning outcomes in English - To increase the sense of belonging to Europe and the role of active citizens in students and school staff. - To grow the International dimension of the Institute; - To improve the linguistic skills of our scientific-technical teachers; - To know and implement new teaching methodologies in foreign languages; - To favour the cross-cultural dialogue among the European partners, by comparing and sharing experiences, methods, and strategies. The experiences and competences acquired by the participants will be integrated with a series of activities aiming at involving both other colleagues and school staff to reflect on the importance of the internationalization of our Institute as for the improvement of the quality of the educational syllabus. This process could also give opportunities to the students to attend training courses abroad in European schools. After every mobility meetings and group works were held where the teachers involved in the project shared their experiences with colleagues and other school staff members. The meetings held were carried out as workshops aiming at analysing what learnt during the training courses. The purpose was to create new paths on topics discussed at a European level and also to share the teaching materials to use in class. The materials produced will be shared and spread through the e–learning platform of our Institute, Dropbox, the Institute Blog, and the school website where a space dedicated to Erasmus projects and UE policies will be created. The teachers that attended the CLIL course will adopt the methodology acquired already in the next school year. They will teach CLIL in their classes and in the same year classes backing up some other colleagues who would implement the new methodology. The English teachers that attended the course on the use of new technology already experienced some new activities in their classes in the last part of the school year and in the 2.0 class sharing their knowledge with the other English colleagues.
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