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Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The context was given by the work of EUROACCION in the social inclusion of disadvantaged people (immigrants, young people with legal action, ethnic minorities...) and the collaboration with other organizations EUROACCION works with, e.g. PROJECT ABRAHAM, where the young people have seen the importance of the awareness of the situation of other people (including young people like themselves) who do not have the same opportunities than the rest. The idea of this project arisen also from our intense activity in training courses, workshops and other training activities. We considered this project as a great opportunity for Young people, because in this proposal more people and entities had the ability to take an apprenticeship that is useful for developing future personal and professional projects. It was a long-term (9 months) EVS Project where EUROACCION acted as a Coordinating Organisation and Receiving Organization hosting 2 volunteers and another volunteer was hosted by PROJECT ABRAHAM. The objectives of the project were: - Provide European volunteer a space for learning about themselves/the social inclusion work, so that they could deepen Non-formal Education methodologies designed for this social purpose. - Improve the supply of existing activities in Murcia for disadvantaged youth through collaboration and the support provided by European volunteers, as well as other entities in the organization of such activities. - Provide European volunteers experience as an intercultural approach to reality and the Spanish culture in the region of Murcia and in general being supported while learning Spanish - Promote awareness of the Erasmus + Programme: YOUTH IN ACTION in high schools, universities and other groups and youth associations through the experiences of the European volunteers and others who spoke from their own experience as users and direct beneficiaries of this Programme. The activities of this project included: - Socio-labor care - Workshops: for leisure with children and young people at risk of social exclusion; education in social and environmental values in Schools, Associations and Universities; intergenerational dialogue; to promote social inclusion of young people with legal actions; teaching English to immigrant children and youth and/or youth with fewer opportunities; Intercultural activities with children and youth; Social Street Theatre; occupational training workshops; and workshops and presentations of the ERASMUS program + YOUTH in the high schools and the University in Murcia city. - Extracurricular activities with children (tutoring, drawing and painting, games). - Social awareness activities - Training risk-groups and/or social exclusion groups to improve the process of socio-labour integration. - Discuss awareness. - Support the collection of municipal solid waste and all kinds of material that could be reused, recycled and/or fixed and help in the function of the shopping streets and shopping markets. - Logistical support training courses on personal growth, human rights education, Intercultural learning-to-learn, coaching, personal and professional supervision and social inclusion. - Collaboration and logistical support youth projects and social inclusion. - Support office tasks (web maintenance, internal administrative management tasks...). - Receive Spanish classes - Language exchange in English and Spanish. - Support in workshops and activities with other associations and organizations who collaborate with EUROACCION e.g. ASTRADE, CUCURUMILLO and Innuendo. The work methodology was based on the characteristic of non-formal education, workshops, discussions, exercises, and group dynamics, role playing, energizers, social theatre activities, lectures and multimedia presentations, individual exercises of reflection on own activities for learning and self-assessment skills (and better preparation of the YOUTHPASS later), interviews with the tutor and weekly with the project coordinators, etc. We believe that this project generated an improvement in the quality of work that these volunteers develop in their local communities and organizations after the volunteers finished their EVS project. The work that they did have a multiplier effect. Other groups of disadvantaged young people of the community from which they come benefit from their volunteer work. This is also beneficial for European volunteers and people who work each day directly or indirectly with them.

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