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All Together
Start date: Jan 2, 2015, End date: Sep 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We want to make training course "All Together" from 14-03-2015 to 22-03-2015 in order to contribute to the improvement of the mutual dialogue between ethnic minorities and the majority, especially in the EU, EECA and Turkey. Project will take place in Diyarbakir, Turkey with 32 participants and 3 trainers/Staff/expertice. Partner countries will be from UK, Turkey, Russia. Moldova, Latvia, Azerbeijan, Serbia and Egypt. A process that has to start from the young generations, in order to build solid basis for the future of Europe. We aim to give to youth workers the tools to foster dialogue between minorities and majorities, empowering them in their work for including everyone as active participant of the civil society, in a spirit of solidarity and mutual understanding. We decided to involve participants from majorities and minorities, to have different points of view and a wide spectrum of situations, sharing best practices and challenges in different contexts, and significantly increasing the knowledge and confidence of the participants on the topic. With this training course, we aim to inspire the creation of more projects, to be implemented at local and international level, not stopping after our activity, but making the work of the participants sustainable, guaranteeing a multiplying effect thanks to the tools gained during the training. The TC will be just the starting point to develop the competences necessary to be able to create and run successfully new activities. The objectives of the course will be as follows: - To enable representatives of different minorities, and the majorities, to actively participate in the life of the community in a spirit of cohesion - To discuss the definitions of minority, what groups can be considered so and in which cases - To promote human rights and European values regardless ethnic, linguistic, cultural or religious background - To provide tools to enable participants to work with minority youth and the representatives of the majorities - To share best practices, ideas, approaches and obstacles in EU, EECA and Turkey on the minority-majority relationships - To present the Erasmus+ as a tool to promote inclusion at local and international level.
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