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All the World's a Stage!
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

All the World's a Stage! We are three very active and broadly interested youngsters that wish to connect the world and build bridges between different cultures through intercultural projects. We share a lot of experience in youth exchanges and group work. Two of us are High School students from Narva, Estonia and one is an EVS volunteer from Oldenburg, Germany. We are active visitors and participants of the local NGO 'VitaTiim', where we communicate with volunteers and local youngsters with different cultural backgrounds and also took part in the project writing class, where we learned how to organize an international youth project. Leonie is also a volunteer that works in VitaTiim. All of us have experienced very fruitful and interesting international projects, have found new friends and broadened our horizons through them. Thus, we decided to share this experience with others and create our own initiative. Our goal is to connect people. We thought that theatre is a great opportunity to develop a sense of team spirit and get rid of communication barriers like a lack of self-confidence. Moreover, we want to show that multiculturalism is a treasure that makes people richer, not only in self-confidence, but also in all other fields of social competences. Fostering tolerance and open-mindness will vanish destructing factors like racism and prejudices, which often lead to a lack of self-confidence. A lack of self-esteem comes together with negative beliefs, which are very similar to prejudices - beliefs that don't take account of all the facts, but rely on biased evidence for their support. We want to connect people from different countries and thereby overcome prejudices. Firstly, we hope to motivate as many young people and organizations as possible to be active and organize their own projects about topics that concern them and that they think will be beneficial for society. Secondly, we think that a healthy self-confidence will provide more opportunities for youngsters in their future. Due to a lack of self-esteem, many people expect things to turn out badly right away. More self-confidence leads to positive thinking, which leads to more creativity, as well as more innovational ideas, which after all results in great initiatives and activities. Last but not least, we hope to strengthen the sense of community between people of any cultural background and therefore connect the world and make life more colorful. More connectedness also keeps people from isolating themselves, which is often a dangerous contributor to low self-esteem. We had two partner organisations: -Jugendkulturarbeit e.V., is the Sending Organization of the EVS volunteer that is a member of our organization. It is a theatre organization and has lots of experience in international theatre exchanges. Our project, like this partner organization, seeks to connect different people, as well as address certain issues through theatre. -Canakkale Koza Genclik Dernegi, a NPO from Turkey that has lots of experience in youth exchanges several programs, including Youth in Action and Erasmus+. During the project we want to have an international youth exchange. During this exchange many activities in the field of theatre and team-building were conducted. The result of our project is a final performance, a self-initiated theatre piece on the topic of self-confidence and lack of it. The number of participants was 28, 9 participants from Turkey and Estonia and 10 from Germany, including group leaders. The majority learns at school, but some a visiting university. In our oninion, the project was a success due to excellent final perfomance and the impact on the participants who became more aware of theatre and it's benefits, became more self-confident and got interested in international Erasmus+ project.
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