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Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The 8th General Lyceum of Thessaloniki is a state three-year senior High School located in the city of Thessaloniki which opened its first school year in September of 1985 and has been offering ever since to its students a high standard of education. Its enrollment today is 263students, both greeks and foreigners. The 27 school current staff members have been constantly trying to improve and enrich their teaching skills in order to face the challenges in a multicultural school, while a lot of innovative actions are carried out each and every year in terms of constructing an open to society contemporary school.Since 2015 a social solidarity market has been developed for the financial support of students and families in need at first place,(who literally encounter basic needs inadequacy), and at the same time to to encourage and reinforce volunteering solidarity awareness of our students.Basic targets of the mobility project are the further development of the school staff's teaching skills, their acquisition of European multicultural perception and the enrichment and modernisation of teaching methods. As teachers, we consider the above elements essential not only for the improvement in the learning process, but for the strengthening of the cultural awareness of our students, based on the mutual understanding and the expansion of their cultural consciousness as a prequisite for a peaceful and creative coexistence in every multicultural society.The six participants, members of the school staff, were chosen through a fair and objective prosedure by the School Board for:-their willingness to acquire European experience and to improve their teaching skills- their commitment for active participation throughout the implementation phase,- their readiness for diffusion of the results of the newly-acquired knowledge and experience,- their competence in English and information technology,- their former experience in implementing cultural programmes.- the fact that they represent teachers of different school subjects.The participants -according to the joint decision with the Italian Hosting Organisation- will participate in a number of preparation steps before the implementation phase, including information exchange through skype, e-twinning, e-mail e.t.c. This aims to evaluate the possibility of any needs arrising throughout the participation in the seminars during the seven days of personal attendance and carrying out of the action.During our stay there we will be presented in form of seminars and workshops by the Italian Hosting Organisation in techniques to resolve intercultural conflicts and to confront prejudices and stereotypes in school environment. We will also have the chance to enhance our knowledge of multicultural education and teaching goals.A guided visit to the high school 'Liceo Artistico Bellisario' located in Avezzano has been programmed, during which the participating teachers of our school will present their applied techniques for conflict resolutions as well as lesson plans for the utilisation of Information and Communication Technology in Maths and European Art. The teachers of The Italian Lyceum will present corresponding scenarios to be put in practice in the classroom in the matter of intercultural dialogue and will inform us about their educational programmes. A visit to the Rindertimi Volunteering Association Volunteering in Avezzano has been also scheduled, where the participants will be informed about its organisational structure and a roundtable discussion will follow about the strengthening of volunteering spirit' the offering of motivation and collective actions, in a European Continent which truly believes in peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among the peoples.According to the prospective results of the seminars the participants:- will acquire a European consciousness and realisation of their educational role in facing the necessity for qualitative changes on the Sector of Education,- will improve their language skills and communication level with their colleagues of other countries,- will thoroughly realise the similarities and differences among the peoples and promote the spirit of mutual acceptance and cooperation,- will acquire new teaching experiences and skills,- will utilise the participation and initiative potentials through e-twinning platform,- will diffuse the European intercultural practice by informing through seminars and our school website all concerned teachers.-Finally,will acquire the European Quality and Skills Certification. (Eupopass Mobility). Regarding our school, we hope its European image to be enhanced and the need for stronger connection among the European Educational Communities to be fully realised. We anticipate for the implementation of common approaching methods, results, spreading and through the ensuing intercultural meeting we hope new ways of coexistence will arise, corresponding with the multiculturality of Europe.
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