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All Right to All Rights
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

All Right to All Rights is a partnership building project for a long term partnership between EU and African countries in order to strengthen the cooperation between African and European youth organisations and create high quality projects among representatives of presented organisations. Our aim is to make the new Vouth in Action program clear and understandable for different actors with special focus on prepare, run and evaluate projects among EU and African countries. We will focus on non formal training for youth Organisations, -workers, mentors, coordinators and young people. It is extremely important for us to be aware and raise understanding about quality aspects according to the proposals of Youth in Action programme with special focus on EU and African countries. Our project have 5 steps:1 step: Partnership building seminar;It aims to build up partnerships and getting to know each othersI step: Training for youth workers;It aims at how to prepare high quality projects within Youth in Action aiming to have future corporation withVouth exchange and European Voluntary service programs.3/A step: Job shadowing and mid - term meeting for youth workers in AfricaIt Aims: to explore African NGOs and Institutions where voluntary work can be made by European young people. To make promotion among African young people and NGOs and Institutions on EVS service and Isarning. To discover the how's, where's and what's together from both sides.3 / step: International Youth Exchange;We will organise a international youth exchange program with young people from participating organisations. It aims to raise awareness about value of importance of volunteering - as an expression of the civic participation in society and example of people-to-people activity, such as a harmonious social development and economic cohesion in Europe and Africa. To emphasis on the importance of learning through voluntary service in local and international voluntarism.4 step: evaluation seminar. We will evaluate whole project and out come of It.5 step: EVS pre - departure training kit material;Aims: based on the previous steps of our projects, coordinators and young people together edit a pre departure training kit material for young people who would like to make their EVS in the other continent.Activities foreseen -Oganising Partnership building seminar between organisations in Africa and EU - countriesOganising training for Youth worker/ young volunteers from Africa and EU-countries. -Oiganising midterm evaluation and jobshadowing programs between Africa and EU-countries -Oganising International Youth Exchange program with young people from Africa and EU.Oiganising Final evaluation meeting of the project.- /enue(s)Partnership building seminar: Sweden Training for youth workers: Hungary Midterm evaluation seminar and Jobshadowing; Uganda International Youth exchange: Finland Evaluation seminar: Finland Nuli ber of participants- Partnership building seminar; 2 participants/ member organisation+ 2 support staff total 14 persons- Training for youth workers;2 participants /member organisation +2 support staff and 2 trainers total 16 persons" Midterm evaluation seminar and Jobshadowing 2 partisipants / member organisation +1person / European member organisation for Jobshadowing+ 2 staff members total 17 persons" International Youth exchange program; 4 young persons + 2 leaders/ member organisation total 36 persons." Evaluation seminar 2 participants / member organisation + 2 staff members total 14 persons Totil amount of the participants; 97 persons.
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