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Start date: 04 Aug 2016, End date: 03 Apr 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Summary "All included" 0922/16 YEpro Applicant's Name: UngZon and youth Vårby in Huddinge, Sweden Participating countries: Romania, Germany and France Number of participants: 40, including 32 young people and 8 youth leaders. Background: This project is a continuation of an Erasmus + project in Paris, JeJuSo (Les jeunes s'engagent pour la justice sociale) in September 2015. The theme of Paris was social justice. After a joint discussion in Paris, it was decided that the group would continue to work with social justice issues, and that this time would be the theme of social inclusion and standards. Sweden was asked, and said yes, to write a new project application and to be coordinators for this project. Romania did not participate in the project in Paris but through mail exchange become familiar with JeJuSo project and new project plans. They quickly became interested in participating in our project "All included" together with our other partners from Germany and France. Our partner organizations like ourselves are all in different ways strongly involved in social justice issues and social inclusion. Youth Centers in Huddinge were 2015 LGBT-certified after being trained by a LGBT organization called RFSL. Project goals and objectives: Purpose is the basis of our shared knowledge and expertise exchange experience about prevailing norms in our respective communities and actively looking for tools and methods to work for social inclusion .To discover and become aware of our social and cultural differences and similarities current norms. Objective: To work out 4 different project plans, one for each country, to start the project with the common theme of "Norm Criticism and Inclusion" in each of our partner associations and in our respective countries. Activities to achieve the purpose and goals: Each partner will come up with a method or best practice to share with other member partners, and this will be the basis for our projects. Partners prepare a workshop led by young people from each country on the theme norm criticism. All workshops will use non-formal and informal methods. A desire from the project in Paris was to gain more knowledge and help to find methods of change. For inspiration we will invite an organization Make Equal to guide us on solution-focused methods. The second request was to get help with writing a project application. How to start a project, and seeking funding for the project. Therefore, we contacted Staffan Lindqvist at Fritidsforum. Through an interactive method he will lead the young people in the process of working out a project and doing a project application that they will continue working with in their respective countries. Evaluation: Individual evaluation of all participating youth. Everyone will also receive a Youthpass. Future meetings through social media. All documentation will be shared on a single website or social media.
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