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All in a boat - anti-bias education for youth in different parts of the world
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

Objectives: The basic objective of "All in a Boat" is to offer anti-bias education for young people in a non formal-way. There are four main objectives of the project. Firsts to colledrand share innovative educational methods of anti-bias non formal education for young people by relevant organizations. Second, to elaborate and implement a NEW anti-bias training material that can be used in youth organizations in the participating countries. Third, to train head trainers for anti-bias education. Fourth to train local trainers who will share their experience with young people in each participant country for anti-bias education. The project contributes to the promotion of cultural diversity, participation of young people and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. It will focus on the issue of migration, intercultural dialogue and the fight against racism and xenophobia.Activities foreseen: There are four major activities in the project. First, participant youth organizations meet and develop a NEW anti-bias training material that can be used in each country. Second, each participant organization delegates head trainers who will learn this non-formal educational training. Third, each organization will provide this training to the representatives (local trainers) of 10 youth organization in the country. And fourth, these local trainers will provide trainings to their own organization.Venues: Participating countries are: Hungary, Malta, Mozambique, Paraguay. The first workshop will take place in Malta and the head trainer training in Budapest. Local trainer trainings will take place in boats, in the home countries, mainly in the capital cities, and youth organization trainings in the home cities, villages.Number of participants: 10 youth organizations per country, 200 younġ people percountry,Concise description of the outputs: The "All in a boat" project will develop three main products (results). The first is a set of methodological tools used by the participating organizations - and/or adapted from organizations outside the project network - working on anti-bias in youth as well as guidance on how to use them. The second is a complex anti-bias training material that includes all of the relevant tools shared by the participating organizations. The third is a network of 800 young people who will share the experience of being trained on the method with many other peers worldwide.Dissemination strategy: The project will assure great distribution of information. It will be announced in each youth organization's website and on the main website of the project. More than that, it will be disseminated in the newsletter of the main national organizations and in websites when partner organizations can apply for the trainings. Regarding to the project results, according to the dissemination strategy it will be appear in: national TV channels, national newspapers, local newspapers and other locations according to the potential of the head organization.Impact envisaged: Once these objectives are achieved, the products developed and the trainings disseminated, youth trainers will be able to use anti-bias tools creatively. Partner organizations will offer trainings and hold information days. As a result, we envision that the number of programs addressing social inclusion in youth will grow at the same rate as the percentage of youth receiving training in the program.
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