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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

From very different directions came groups of youngsters to learn about Europe and their cultures and gain a vast range of new skills. "ALL EUROPE" is a youth exchange which brought together 32 participants, 8 teamleaders and social workers. The activity did took place at the Wildschönau Valley. This youth exchange was focused on a very particular group of young people: keen and open to share on youth culture but who never travelled, low educational level, school drop outs who are unemployed or in risk of marginalization due to different factors. The objective of the project was to give the participants the understanding, that countries, cultures and realities may be different due to different facts (religion, language, economy, social life and values) but that young people are united obviously through a common Europe but much more through to a similar youth culture. There was an emphasis on appreciation of the new cultures, and challenges of EUROPE. The project definitely was promoting respect between young people from different cultural backgrounds. They understood the value of diversity as well as the common European identity which unites them. The youth exchange aimed to bring together young people from four EU countries in a cultural exchange that will be themed around the "ALL EUROPE" experience. With this topic we wanted to involve youngsters who were not participating in any European programme. We went mostly very deep into what is culture, society and participating in society. This cultural exchange provided them with new knowledge, ideas and skills, visits and intercultural activities. In this way the participants have had fun but also learnt together. They managed to melt the ice and broke their barriers and prejudices towards others. They "smelt the international air" and understood differences and similarities of history and culture in Europe. Above all, they have been ending up with more tolerance for their own society but also with an appetite for more European opportunities in future. This project focused on people who face exclusion due to different factors (health, education, economic situation, social reality). This project was youth led as much as possible. Many opportunities have been provided for the young people to develop their skills alongside workshops based around Culture, Inclusion and Diversity.
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