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Start date: Aug 1, 2013,

The youth exchange "Alea iacta est" will bring to Vrnjacka Banja for 9 days 47 young people from the Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Albania, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Montenegro and Serbia. Main aim of the project is to develop participants' life-long learning competencies, self-awareness and promote active and creative participation of young people in processes and events around them. Taking part in this exchange will contribute to young people's personal development and might expand their professional opportunities, help them to set up learning and carrier goals.Participants of this exchange will be young unemployed people who are still deciding about their goals, still exploring their carrier opportunities. Exchange will help them to become more self-aware and gain skills and knowledge that can be easily transferred to other educational and working contexts and help them in search for job or applying for studies. With 8-days youth exchange ALEA IACTA EST we wish to invite young people to explore their learning styles, their strengths, talents and their potential, raise their awareness of who they are and what they are capable of. The programme of the youth exchange will use various methodologies - presentations of good practices from various countries, discussions and reflection workshops, simulation games, practical exercises, case studies, outdoor activities, drama and dance exercises, problem solving initiatives, artistic searches, guided visualizations, meditation, team work and group tasks, creative writing exercises ...An important part of the project is also visibility and dissemination of results.
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