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Alcohol, Cigarette and Drug Addiction
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

?Alcohol, Cigarette And Drug Addiction Project? is a Youth Exchange Project. It will take place in Giresun, Görele district. In this project, there will be 8 participants - totally 40 participants - from 5 different countries including Romania, Bulgaria, Kosova, Ukraine and Turkey. Our project will last 13 days between 22 August ? 5 September 2014 . It is about kinds of drug addictions, circumstances that push people into addiction, symptoms of addiction situation and its dentrimental effects on individuals? bodies and their social lifes, thinking about ways to solve the addiction problems, how to develop empathy with addicted people and help them overcome these problems. Red Ribbon is a brotherhood symbol against the use of cigarette, alcohol and drug. We will organize the decoration of the place in which the project will take place in red. We also wear red clothes, distribute red wrislets and to raise this awareness there will be food, the colour of which is red such as watermelon, domatoes, apples, red candies and so on. There will be lots of red baloons in the saloon and in the activities that we will carry out outside, we will attach red ribbons to the cars. There will be brainstorming activities, discussions, verbal lectures, group works and some other activities including six thinking hats technique. These activities will help the participants to expand their knowledge through thinking over the addiction problem, organizing thoughts about how to cope with addiction, sharing their own thoughts in their group, discussing the circumstances that lead to addiction, giving comments on the given situations, stories. Therefore, they will take responsibility for their learning and generating their own knowledge actively. In addition, there will be activities like writing story, writing letter, roleplaying, preparing posters and finding motto for them, writing epitaph and street interviews. These activities help the participants to internalize the knowlegde they have created, by generating a product. They will establish empathy with the addicted people by writing letter, roleplaying and writing epitaph. Also, street interviews will show us that the participants have reached the level to generate questions about drug addiction and capable of asking them to the passengers and informing them about the answers. Finally, there will be question-answer section with the participants. They ask what they are curious about, what they wand to find out or what they miss during the activities. It will be helpful for evaluation. We will hand out tests before the project starts and again we will hand out tests after the project is over to see the progress and development. The people who have participated in our Project will be aware of everything about the alcohol, cigarette and drug addiction and capable of sharing their knowledge with the people in their countries and the Project will not remain limited to the 40 people and this awareness will spread around the World. So, this Project will be a big step in raising awareness for addiction. Besides, participants will improve their skills for becoming more outgoing and entrepreneur. They will feel more free to express their ideas and use both verbal and written language skills effectively. On the other hand, there will be some social activities including swimming, barbeque parties, visiting historical and natural places, free time in the city center and more.
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