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ALBORDE - Training Needs of Health & Safety Workers in the Communication and Transport Sectors

The ALBORDE project will address the issue of continuous professional training in health & safety in the communication and transport sectors, with a particular factor being gender analysis taking into account the fact that these professions are, in the majority, occupied by women.The initial phase of the project will concentrate on analysing existing health & safety and other risk elements (stress, tiredness, harassment) within a number of nominated, mainly female, professions (airline & marine stewardess; telemarketing; bank/ticket/desk clerks) where work is primarily front line with the general public. The analysis will further include the perception of workers in these industries as regards the risks to their health.Further project phases will focus upon the design, development and testing of materials for the 'training of trainers' to thus improve upon current health & safety training in the identified sectors.A final dissemination seminar will take place whereby the project results will be distributed, namely a study on the health & safety issues affecting personnel in the communication and transport sectors and a series of training material for trainers. A further focus of this seminar will be gender analysis of personnel working within the identified sectors whereupon reflections will be made upon contributions of feminist theories, existing national and European legislation, statistical data and case study material developed during the project. Additional activities will include presence of project results on partner and project websites, contribution of articles to relevant press and journals and use of existing partner networks to assure national dissemination.
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