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AL TALL – All Teachers and Trainers as Lifelong Learners survey

Project aims at improving the quality of and access to continuous training programmes for teachers and trainers. Specific objectives arte the identification of new skills and competences required by teachers and trainers, to compare continuous teacher-training models in different countries, to identify non-formal learning with a view to validation. Target groups are VET planners and decision-makers in Europe, vocational trainers and teachers in secondary education. Target sectors: European research community, VET authorities and institutions and trade unions, representing also the potential users. The project activities are planned to collect specific data concerning the identification of new skills and competences, good practice examples, to compare teacher training models (esp. such as encouraging women to acquire digital literacy and use in their professional contexts). Research methodology will be same in each partner countries, including field research, desk research, focus groups, comparative analysis of research results, virtual learning community research input via online tool. Final products: a study and comparative analysis of in-service teacher-training models, methods and needs in the 6 participating partner countries ES, FR, IE, IT, LV and UK; Project website, good practice database, focus groups, valorisation workshops. Further results will be a Final results bulletin, delivered to all project participants, VLC members and all stakeholders in the partner countries; Online tool for research, questionnaires addressing the target groups in the partner countries and recommendations for improving professional development and continuing training courses to teachers in secondary education and vocational trainers, in paper and online . Impact in the short term will be the availability of the survey in partner countries, recognition of gaps, online tools for research, comparative analysis and good practice examples. Valorisation will be done by creation of focus groups in each partner country, website with access to all project results, inclusion of stakeholders networks, etc.
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