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Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

STAYING OUT OF EXCLUSIONThis is a multilateral project involving 51 young people aged between 15 and 27. Several groups from Turkey, Hungary, Rumania, United Kingdom and Spain are going to take part in it. Some of these countries are facing an economic or geographic crisis and some of the participants deal with disabilities or belong to an ethnic minority.Integration is the main topic, understood from two points of view: social inclusion of disable people in our society and the integration of immigrants and refugees.Specifically, we aim to achieve the following objectives:-Promoting human rights, non-discrimination, tolerance and solidarity.-Promoting respect for people with fewer opportunities.-Promoting social inclusion.-Improving the level of competence in foreign languages of the participants.-Awaking the sense of overcoming and initiative.-Favoring healthy lifestyles.In order to achieve them, the following workshops will take place:Workshop 1: "The political asylum in Europe." Knowing the causes of displacement of the inhabitants of certain nations and countries of the European Union and the European to the countries they are directed towards are the main objectives of this workshop that will culminate in the exhibition on a mural of those causes.Workshop 2: "The long journey". It seeks to highlight the impact of migration in Europe today, sensitizing youth on the long journey these people are exposed to in order to reach their final destination. We will build a raft from recycled materials to symbolize this journey.Workshop No. 3: "Refugees welcome". Through the viewing of the videos "The conflict in Syria in 5 minutes" and "The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained", further discussion and the creation of a mural where their feelings about this workshop will be transferred. This workshop aims to foster the feeling empathy, to recognize prejudice in ourselves and in others and avoid stigmatizing people and to exclude them from "our" communities through stereotypes.Workshop No. 4: "No sense". This workshop will bring the difficulties that people with some kind of sensory disability encounter in their day to day ensuring that we appreciate more the value of our senses.Workshop No. 5: "Step by step". Getting participants to know with communication through Braille code is the main objective of this workshop in which a mural with messages will be drawn in that code.Workshop No. 6: "Sport without barriers". Through this workshop, participants will learn about the Paralympic sports and will have the chance to practice some adapted activities.We will complement training with trips to the city to learn about its history and main monuments, and nature, to practice outdoor sports. We will visit foundations such as ONCE or SEVILLA ACOGE to know what their work with people with disabilities and immigrants respectively is about.We will dedicate a space for theme nights, in order to participate in the culture of all the countries that are going to participate, knowing them through their cuisine, dances, etc., and promoting multiculturalism and tolerance among young people, comparing different lifestyles and recognizing similarities and differences between European countries.The methodology used will be dynamic and participatory so young people will be divided into small groups that will rotate through all the workshops sessions in a way that greater involvement will be ensured for all of them.We expect that at the end the participants will acquire certain skills and attitudes:-Learning from different cultures.-Reducing language barriers, prejudices and stereotypes.-Acquiring greater socialization, tolerance and understanding.-Overcoming their own limits and difficulties.-Promoting the feeling of empathy.-Knowing the impact of migration.-Expressing their opinions in order to achieve a more global view of labor issues.-Experiencing some of the main physical disabilities.-Acquiring awareness of the difficulties faced by people with disabilities.The results will be translated on murals and posters where the feeling created regarding the immigrant community, reflection sentences written in braille or the knowledge gained on the causes of immigration leave will be transferred.The local impact will be high given the large number of participants who can move the experience to their communities thanks to the final products to be created: magazine and dvd about the meeting.The long-term benefit involves the creation of new projects that could keep alive these issues to further sensitize youngsters as the ones that will take part in this project, besides all possible ideas about tolerance and empathy that we may create among the participants.

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